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Table 7
Texas Federal Health Care Spending for
Military Personnel, Family and Retirees
Federal Fiscal 1998
County Military Installation FY 1998
No. of Recipients
FY 1998
Bell Darnall ACH-Ft. Hood 119,112 $51,500,617
Bexar Brooke AMC-Ft. Sam Houston 83,201 $35,973,730
Bexar 59th Med Wing-Lackland 71,566 $30,943,089
El Paso William Beaumont AMC-Ft. Bliss 51,296 $22,178,921
Jones-Taylor 7th Med Grp-Dyess 16,795 $7,261,677
Nueces NH Corpus Christi 24,226 $10,474,629
Val Verde 47th Med Grp-Laughlin    
Wichita 82nd Med Grp-Sheppard 20,634 $8,921,551
  Noncatchment Eastern Texas** 128,102 $55,387,636
  Noncatchment Western Texas** 208 $89,933
  Total 515,140 $222,731,782
  Average Amount Spent per Recipient $ 432.37  
  Total Amount Spent in Texas *   $222,731,782
* Federal officials calculated the cost of military health care spending in Texas by multiplying the average amount spent per recipient by the total number of recipients in Texas.
** No county can be assigned a county to the noncatchment areas because these are generally retirees who will go to the medical center in their area. Western Texas is that area of Texas closer to El Paso and everything else is Eastern Texas.

Abbreviation: ACH=Army Community Hospital, NH=Naval Hospital, Med WG=Medical Wing, AMC=Army Medical Center, MED GRP=Medical Group

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Defense, Health Budget Office.