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American Cancer Society, Arthur White
American Heart Association, Greg Lee
American Lung Association
Commission for the Blind, Misti Hancock
Employees Retirement System of Texas, Darrell Leslie
Houston Shriners Hospital, Kathleen LeMaire
Lindsey, Ron
Office of the Governor, Laura Lawlor
Research and Oversight Council, Amy Lee
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Julie Painters
State Office of Risk Management, Patricia Gilbert
Texas A&M University, Steve Murdock
Texas Association of Counties, Sue Glover
Texas Cancer Council, Lisa Nelson
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Barbara Stanford, Joe Vesowate, Alice Day
Texas Dentists for Health Smiles Foundation, Susan Craven
Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Allen Sapp, Jerry McGinty, Ron Steffa, Lonnie Johnson, Terry Wilson, Lonnie Johnson
Texas Department of Health, Ann Henry, Kathleen Barnett, Rick Peters, Henry Welles, Hortensia Andrada, Rose Marie Linan, Virginia Brooks, Joe Walton, Shaku Desai, Owen Wood, Maggie Kownaski
Texas Department of Human Services, Bernie Underwood, Paul Root, Warren Glass, Rudy Garcia
Texas Department of Insurance, Clare Pramuk, Nancy Moore, Anna Smith-Daily
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Bill Campbell, Gail Robinson, Diane Borden, Barbara Riggs, Stephen Zeeck, Kevin Nolting, Ernest McKinney, Bob Welsh, Jerald Kopp
Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, James Barnett, Drew Thigpen
Texas Education Agency, Tom Canby, Darlene Goudge
Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Edli Colberg, Karl Urban
Texas Health Care Trustees, Mary Walker
Texas Hospital Association, Ernie Shmidt
Texas Institute for Health Policy Research, Camille Miller
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, Don Pace
Texas Medical Association, Harold Freeman
Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Vernon Arrell, Bryan Jones, Ellen Schroeder, Charles Schiesser,
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Cindy Adcock
Texas School for the Deaf, Dianne Wheeler
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Elmo Cavin
Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, Luis Ariano, Brent Hatch, Lisa Martin, Bill Whitaker
Texas Youth Commission, Don McCullough, Janie Ramirez, Ron Reininger
U. S. Department of Defense, Paul Frederick
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kim Sieler
U.S. Health Care Financing Administration, Cathy Cowan, Anna Long, Helen Lazenby
U.S. Veterans Administration, Laura Sarro Guillote, Marty Aldridge
United Way of America, Jeff Elder
University of Texas at Austin, David Warner
University of Texas System, James Guckian, J.B. Pace