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Local Health Departments
Purchaser: Local Health Departments
Program: Health programs

Description: Local health departments provide a variety of public health services including maternity, family planning, child health services, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) detection and control, HIV testing, tuberculosis control, and immunizations. Local health departments receive funding from local taxes, as well as from state and federal grants.

Local health departments spent $339.3 million in fiscal 1998. A significant part of that amount was spent on public health programs such as rabies control and restaurant inspections. Primary and acute care health services–such as vaccinations, STD testing, and maternal and child health–were funded primarily out of grants from the Texas Department of Health (TDH).

Eliminating Medicaid, Medicare, TDH, and fees from the total and including half of the local and other spending for public health leaves more than $108 million in unduplicated spending by local health departments in fiscal 1998.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Revenue Sources: $92,048,465 TDH
  $162,471,962 Local
  $9,552,724 Medicaid
  $4,514,656 Medicare
  $16,055,940 Fees
  $54,627,332 Other
  $339,271,079* Total Funding
  $108,549,647 Total Unduplicated Funding

*This total has been rounded on Table 1 on page 6.

Source: Texas Department of Health