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School District Health Care Spending
Purchaser: Local Government/School Districts
Program: Health services expenditures in schools

Description: Some Texas school districts purchase health care services for some students. These expenditures include medical, dental, and nursing services that are not part of the school’s teaching curriculum. Expenditures also include upkeep and repair of materials and equipment and the purchase of vehicles for health services. Some costs are incurred for pre-and post-employment physicals or drug testing for school personnel.

Texas school districts spent more than $190 million for health care in fiscal 1998. That figure includes $30 million in Medicaid funds. Unduplicated spending topped more than $160 million. The Windham School System within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is not included in these health care costs.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Amount spent: 190,418,725
Total unduplicated spending $160,179,856

Type of Funding: Includes $30,238,869 in Medicaid funds under the Medical Assistance Program. The balance of funding comes from a shared services arrangement, a combination of various grant programs, foundation school program, state aid sources, and local property taxes.

Source: Texas Education Agency