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Texas School for the Deaf
Classroom, Residential,
and Extended Year Services
Purchaser: Texas School for the Deaf
Program: Classroom, Residential and Extended Year Services

Description: The Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) provides academic, vocational and life skills education and training to deaf and multi-handicapped deaf children from across the state. TSD accepts students up to the age of 22 who have been referred by parents and local school districts. TSD is a residential independent school district with two campuses in Travis County. The school conducts both regular and summer school sessions.

TSD has an on-campus health center, staffed each school day by a general practitioner physician. All other medical services are by contract as needed. Service providers include other physicians, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, orientation and mobility therapists and speech pathologists. Funds for this program are provided under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act program. On occasion, TSD contracts with the Texas School for the Blind and the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation for specialized services.

The Texas School for the Deaf spent almost $1 million on health care services in fiscal 1998.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Amount Spent: $984,917  
  $103,942 Contract Medical Services
  $443,612 Medical Services salaries and expenditures
  $437,363 TSD Health Center salaries and expenditures
Type of Funding: $984,917  
  $103,942 Federal Funds - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  $880,975 General Revenue
Appropriation: $14,760,328  
  $12,841,957 General Revenue
  $418,524 Federal Funds
  $1,499,847 Appropriated Receipts

Number of Recipients: The Legislature funded the school for 579 students (475 regular and 104 summer enrollees) in fiscal 1998. Seventy of these students are deaf multi-handicapped; 360 are also enrolled in the residential program. The average length of enrollment at TSD is 5.4 years.

Sources: Legislative Budget Board and Texas School for the Deaf