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Texas Youth Commission
Purchaser: Texas Youth Commission
Program: Medical Costs for Juvenile Offenders

Description: The Texas Youth Commission (TYC) is the juvenile corrections agency for the state. It serves youthful offenders who are 10-21 years of age. TYC purchases medical services for its institutions and halfway houses. In 1998, the average daily population reached 4,900 in TYC institutions and 216 in halfway houses.

TYC contracts with the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for staff at 24-hour clinics at each TYC institution. There are no clinics at the halfway houses.

Costs include dental and psychiatric services for TYC youth and salaries for relief staff at the clinics. Costs also include payments for medical services to private providers for 24-hour residential care for youth outside of TYC institutions.

TYC spent more than $10 million in fiscal 1998.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Amount Spent: $10,462,896*  
  $8,714,700 for TYC institutions
  $448,196 for halfway houses
  $1,300,000 for private contract residential

*This total has been rounded on Table 1 on page 6.

Source: Texas Youth Commission