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Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Non-Medicaid Expenditures
Purchaser: Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Program: Vocational Rehabilitation, Extended Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Independent Living

Description: The Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC) purchases several types of rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.

TRC’s Vocational Rehabilitation program purchases services and provides a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help people with a wide variety of disabilities enter or return to gainful employment. Services may include job training and placement, counseling and devices such as artificial limbs, wheelchairs or hearing aids.

The agency’s Extended Rehabilitation program provides ongoing services to support employment for people with severe physical and/or mental handicaps. Services include medical assistance, counseling, diagnostics and evaluation, and rehabilitation engineering techniques.

TRC operates the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services program for people with traumatic spinal cord and/or brain injuries. The program includes inpatient and outpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation, and post-acute brain injury services. The services are designed to prevent secondary disabilities such as respiratory problems, pressure sores, and urinary tract infections.

The Independent Living program provides services through 10 regional centers to people with severe disabilities to help them become as independent as possible. Funds can be used to provide medical rehabilitation to people who cannot be employed.

TRC spent more than $50 million on health care services supporting rehabilitation leading to employment in fiscal 1998.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
  $17,712,512 Hospital Services for rehabilitation
  $32,499,843 Medical Services for rehabilitation
Total $50,212,355 

Total Federal General
Number of
Vocational Rehab $13,904,629 $10,942,943 $2,961,686 4,811
Extended Rehab $ 4,379 $ 4,379 7
Comprehensive Rehab $ 3,798,662   $ 3,798,663 180
Independent Living $ 4,842 $ 4,358 $ 484 7
Subtotal $ 17,712,512 $ 10,947,301 $ 6,765,211 5,005
Total Federal General
Number of
Vocational Rehab $ 29,140,187 $ 22,933,327 $ 6,206,860 47,815
Extended Rehab $ 157,493 $ 157,151 218
Comprehensive Rehab $ 1,682,636   $ 1,682,637 386
Independent Living $ 1,519,527 $ 1,367,574 $ 151,953 912
Subtotal $ 32,499,843 $ 24,300,901 $ 8,198,601 49,331

Type of funding: Rehabilitation Services, Basic Support; Service Project-Migrant Workers; Supported Employment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities. Independent Living Services–Comprehensive Services for Independent Living.

Administrative costs: These are direct client service expenditures purchased from vendors. There are no direct administrative costs.

Source: Texas Rehabilitation Commission