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Texas Department of Human Services
Non-Medicaid Expenditures
Purchaser: Texas Department of Human Services
Program: Non-Medicaid community care and other health related programs

Description: The Texas Department of Human Services (DHS) provides health-related services for the poor, the elderly and people with disabilities. These programs include community care, in-home and family support and other support services. DHS spent more than $113 million on non-Medicaid health-related programs in fiscal 1998. These programs are summarized in Table 10 that follows on page 47.

Although the Community Care program is funded primarily by Medicaid, some Texans who do not qualify for Medicaid receive community services through DHS. These services include home delivered meals, emergency response services, attendant care, and direct health services.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Amount Spent: $113,239,238 
Type of Funding: $82,095,538 Federal Funds
  $25,720,879 State Funds
  $ 6,646,943 Other

Source: Texas Department of Human Services