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Texas Department of Health
Non-Medicaid Expenditures
Purchaser: Texas Department of Health
Program: All department programs that include health care spending (other than Medicaid)

Description: The Texas Department of Health (TDH) provides health related services and administers a wide variety of non-Medicaid related programs including maternal and child health, family planning, breast and cervical cancer control, special supplemental nutrition for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, immunizations, dental care, primary health care, indigent care and a variety of programs related to a specific disease.

These non-Medicaid programs spent a total of $705,046,007 in state and federal funds in fiscal 1997. This summary uses 1997 figures from a Sunset Advisory Commission study of TDH in which the commission identified expenditures considered health care spending.

Table 9 describes the funding streams of TDH programs that provide direct medical services for health care.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1997
Amount Spent: $705,046,007  
Type of Funding:
  $176,081,350 State Funds
  $528,964,657 Federal Funds
  $705,046,007 Total

Source: Sunset Advisory Commission