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University Physician Practice Plans
Purchaser: Texas Medical Schools
Program: Physician Practice Plans
Description: Texas has eight medical schools. Seven are public institutions and one, Baylor College of Medicine, is private. All eight schools provide health care services to patients in a variety of settings, both inpatient and outpatient, to provide hands-on training for students and residents. The revenue from physician practice plans compensate faculty physicians and subsidize part of the cost of medical education.

Texas medical schools provided about $879 million in services to paying and nonpaying patients through the physician practice plans in fiscal 1998. (Fiscal 1997 data was used where data was unavailable for fiscal 1998.) For the institutions on which more detailed information was available, about $433 million was reimbursed through health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and out-of-pocket payments by patients. More than $284 million remain unduplicated and unique to physician practice plans.

Reimbursement data for Baylor and Texas A&M University College of Dentistry were not available. The $284 million of unduplicated spending only comes from the remaining institutions where figures on reimbursement were available.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
(Fiscal 1997 was used where fiscal 1998 was not available).
Amount of Revenue:
University Total
Southwestern $185,591,482 $110,313,731 $75,277,751
Baylor* $160,349,000 N/A N/A
UT Medical Branch-Galveston $124,088,565 $59,439,771 $64,648,794
UT Houston Health Science Center $110,852,989 $41,697,663 $69,155,326
Texas Tech Health Science Center $87,100,387 $61,712,763 $25,387,624
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio $49,716,941 $29,499,076 $20,217,865
University of North Texas $21,242,500 $11,783,823 $9,518,674
Texas A&M Health Science Center* $9,201,643 $8,961,387 $240,256
M.D. Anderson $119,203,569 $100,187,345 $19,016,224
UT Tyler $9,856,242 $9,191,225 $2,748,838
TAMU College of Dentistry* $1,370,482 N/A N/A
Total $878,573,800 $432,726,787 $284,127,531

* Information for 1997, not 1998
** Revenues from other sources are covered elsewhere in this report.
N/A is not available

Sources: University of Texas System, AAMC, Higher Education Coordinating Board