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Texas Department of Human Services
Medicaid Long Term Care Programs
Purchaser: Texas Department of Human Services
Programs: Medicaid Long Term Care

Description:The Texas Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for the Medicaid Long Term Care Program, which includes nursing facilities and community care programs. DHS contracts with private and nonprofit providers for these long term care services.

DHS pays for skilled nursing care in approved facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities who qualify for the Medicaid program. Nursing facility clients receive room and board and other services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Community care programs enable some Texans who would otherwise be in nursing homes to stay in their homes. These programs provide help with daily tasks such as cooking, bathing, and housekeeping.

DHS spent $2.1 billion in state and federal funds on long term health care services in fiscal 1998.

Texas Total, Fiscal 1998
Amount Spent: $2,093,947,603 Total*
  $1,483,111,868 Nursing Homes & Hospice
  $ 610,835,735 Community Care
Type of Funding: $1,303,489,412 Federal Medicaid Match
  $ 790,458,191 State Medicaid Match
Number of Clients:
Average daily number of Medicaid clients served in nursing homes and hospice: 69,756 Monthly average of unduplicated number served in community care: 84,883
Average Amount Spent: $21,261 Nursing home client
  $ 7,196 Community care client
*The total for DHS Medicaid Long Term Care Programs does not equal the total for DHS programs on page 5 because different sources were used to get additional detail.

Source: Texas Department of Human Services