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State Auditor's Office
Bruce Truitt

State Office of Risk Management

Nartisha Bates
Jonathan Bow
Sharon Crouch, R.N.
Jennifer Dawson
Terry Myers
Patricia O'Hara
Teresa Peterson

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

Robert Brown

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Albert Hawkins
David Brown

Office of Inspector General

Elidia Cancino, R.N.
Michele Chester, R.N.
Genie DeKneef
Judita Knobloch, R.N.
Karen Kraatz, R.N.
Dan McCullough, R.N.
Carolyn Pou, R.N.
Walter Sjoberg, M.D.

Office of Eligibility Services

Sharmaine Key
Aurora LeBrun
Sherry McCulley
Dee Kowalewski

Vendor Drug Program

Barbara Dean, R.Ph.
Cathey Clark
Leslie Harper, R.Ph.
Ed Santiago
Don Valdes, R.Ph.

National Heritage Insurance Company

Denise Alford
Dan Gauthier


ECS Consulting
Interim Solutions for Businesses, Inc.
J Shank Consulting
Ethel Ponson, R.N.