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State Auditor’s Office
Jon Nelson
Marios Parpounous
Bruce Truitt

State Office of Risk Management
Jonathan Bow
Stuart B. Cargile
Jennifer Hinojosa
Ron Josselet
Jennifer Larkin
Terry Myers
Patricia O’Hara
Teresa Peterson

Texas Department of Human Services
Nick Dauster
Chuck Lyon
Penny Rychetsky
DHS regional staff

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Don Gilbert
David Brown

Office of Investigation and Enforcement
Genie DeKneef
Lisa Dover
Sarah Kelly, RN
Carol Klunck, RN
Vickie Knoblauck
Judy Knobloch, RN
Aurora LeBrun
Tracy Romero
Liz Saunders
Kay Sterling, R.N.
Denise Welch

Vendor Drug Program
Curtis Burch
Cathey Clark
Barbara Dean
Larry Havel
Patsy Napier

National Heritage Insurance Company
Denise Alford
Doug Cowie
Dan Gauthier

Texas Workers’ Compensation Research and Oversight Council
Scott McAnally

EGS Consulting
J Shank Consulting
Ethel Ponson, R.N.