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Special Report to the Legislature
Additional e-Texas Recommendations
April 2003

Letter from the Comptroller

Fiscal Impact Table




ED-18 Implement a Video Lottery System for Local Property Tax Relief and Increased Education Funding

ED-19 Eliminate External Managers for the Permanent School Fund

ED-20 Save State Education Dollars Spent on Students Repeating Courses They Have Already Mastered

ED-21 Hold Public Schools Accountable for the Cost of College Developmental Education Courses

ED-22 Reduce Administrative and Non-Instructional Operating Costs in School Districts

ED-23 Eliminate Institutional Enhancement Funding

ED-24 Increase the Flexibility of Higher Education Funding

General Government

GG-35 Eliminate State-Paid Insurance for Citizens Serving on Voluntary Boards and Commissions

GG-36 Eliminate the Texas Food and Fibers Commission

GG-37 Bring ERS Contributions for New Hires in Line with Private Sector

GG-38 Accelerate Revenues from Insurance Company “Demutualization”

GG-39 Reduce Insurance Costs Through a Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance Program

GG-40 Increase Revenues from Surplus Property

GG-41 Merge the Animal Health Commission with the Department of Agriculture

GG-42 Eliminate Duplicative Funding for the Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Plan

GG-43 Consolidate Small Agency Information Technology Services

Health and Human Services

HHS-14 Achieve Greater Savings in Medicaid Managed Care

HHS-15 Ensure Texas’ Neediest Children Keep Health Insurance

HHS-16 Increase Community Options for Persons with Mental Retardation

HHS-17 Increase Funding for Community Options for Texans with Disabilities and Increase Funding for Trauma Care

HHS-18 Prorate the State’s Supplement for New Public School Employees

HHS-19 Require Probationary Period for State Health Insurance Contribution for New University Employees

HHS-20 Require Mandatory Generic Substitution in the Employee Retirement System

HHS-21 Enforce Requirements that Welfare Recipients Attempt to Find Work

HHS-22 Use Internet-Based Technologies to Manage Chronic Diseases

HHS-23 Offer University Employees Health Reimbursement Accounts

HHS-24 Create a Medicaid Consumer-Directed Care Demonstration Project