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Solar Energy
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Exhibit 10-2

Flat Plate Collector

The figure is a diagram of a flat plate collector.

Flat-plate collectors – large, insulated metal boxes with glass or plastic covers and dark heat absorbing plates – are the most common collectors used for home solar water and space heating. Flat-plate collectors typically are mounted on the roof.

There is a cover that protects the absorber plate and prevents the loss of heat

The absorber plate, usually black chrome absorbing coating to maximize heat collecting efficiency, absorbs the heat from the sun. It sits on top of the flow tubes, and transfers the heat to them.

An inlet connects to a series of flow tubes, which lead to an outlet connection.

The flow tubes are encased on the bottom and sides in insulation to reduce heat loss.

The collector housing is made from aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. It fixes and protects the absorber plate.

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Source: Green Spec.

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