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Executive Administration

  • Susan Combs, Comptroller
  • Martin Hubert, Deputy Comptroller
  • Lisa Woods, Associate Deputy Comptroller
  • Mike Reissig, Associate Deputy Comptroller
  • Pete Slover, Special Counsel to the Comptroller
  • Sarah Whitley, Senior Advisor to the Comptroller
  • Patricia Vojack, Legislative Director

Data Services

  • Lisa Minton, Director, Data Services
  • Tom Currah, Manager, Data Services; Project Manager
  • Laure McLaughlin, Team Leader, Non-Renewable Fuels
  • Maria Mendez-Lewis, Co-Team Leader, Renewable Fuels
  • Clint Winters, Co-Team Leader, Renewable Fuels
  • Phyllis Coombes, Co-Team Leader, Subsidies
  • Linda Gibson, Co-Team Leader, Subsidies
  • Will Counihan, Team Leader, Energy Uses
  • Vicki Anderson
  • Margot Clarke
  • Melissa Dubowski
  • Jojo Estrada
  • Leonard Gabriel
  • Olga Garza
  • David Green
  • Rand Harris
  • Shannon Hawkins
  • Will Holford
  • Tedd Holladay
  • Constance Matheny
  • Catherine Schneider
  • Diane Thomas
  • John Villarreal
  • Sally Ward

Public Outreach and Strategies

  • Delane Caesar, Director, Public Outreach and Strategies
  • Beth Hallmark, Creative Director, Editorial and Web Team
  • Dan Lynch, Creative Director, Graphics Team
  • Dwain Osborne, Graphics Team Leader
  • Jo Ann Reyes, Energy Project Layout Production Artist
  • Drew Scherz, Web Team Leader
  • Julie Lewis, Web Developer
  • Dan Jones, Web Developer
  • Bruce Wright, Energy Project Editor
  • Gilbert Conwoop
  • Jack Grieder
  • Becky Head
  • Shannon McCann
  • Edd Patton
  • Tyra Peterson
  • Sherryl Orsak
  • Raul Santos
  • Barbara Schlief
  • Rudy Torres
  • Brad Wright
  • Carl Yeh


  • John Heleman, Chief Revenue Estimator
  • Dean Ferguson, Assistant Manager, Revenue Estimating
  • Robert Wood, Director, Local Government Assistance and Economic Development
  • Buddy Breivogel, Manager, Property Tax Administrative Operations
  • Don Hoyte, Manager, Regional Fiscal Analysis
  • Dub Taylor, Manager, State Energy Conservation Office
  • Mary Colletti, Manager, Legislative Affairs
  • Trey Powers, Legislative Liaison
  • Patricia Bailey, Property Tax
  • Doug Freer, Revenue Estimating
  • Russell Gallahan, Local Government Assistance
  • Pam Groce, State Energy Conservation Office
  • Andy Liebler, Regional Fiscal Analysis
  • Roger Mulder, State Energy Conservation Office
  • Ron Ommerman, Revenue Estimating
  • Lynn Pham, Revenue Estimating
  • Gary Preuss, Revenue Estimating
  • Gary Price, Regional Fiscal Analysis
  • David Schiller, State Energy Conservation Office
  • Ed Warren, Revenue Estimating
  • John Wieferman, Revenue Estimating
  • Tim Wooten, Property Tax


  • Allen Spelce, Director, Communications
  • RJ DeSilva, Agency Spokesperson
  • Sheila Clancy
  • Jocelyn Sexton
  • Brian Wellborn

Agency Administration

  • Raette Hearne, Director, Agency Administration
  • Ben Dukes, Manager, Quick Copy
  • Donnie Hunter, Outgoing Mail Operations Team Lead
  • Juanita Robinson, Manager, Document Processing
  • Gilbert Trevino, Quick Copy
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