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Appendix E
SB 538 Language And Where It Is Captured in Comptroller Timesheet

determine the percentage of total employment time public school counselors spend performing:

SB 538 Language Category in Survey
(i) assessment and testing; Individual Planning
(ii) schedule changes; Individual Planning
(iii) group counseling; Responsive Services
(iv) individual counseling; Responsive Services
(v) parent conferences; Responsive Services, System Support
(vi) teacher conferences; Responsive Services, System Support
(vii) admission, review and dismissal meetings; and Individual Planning
(viii) provision of information concerning career awareness and postsecondary education; Individual Planning

each duty described by Section 33.005 or 33.006, Education Code, that is not addressed by Paragraph (A) of this subdivision;

Sec. 33.005 Developmental Guidance and Counseling Programs Category
in Survey

A person employed as required by Section 33.002 shall work with the school faculty and staff, students, parents, and the community to plan, implement, and evaluate a developmental guidance and counseling program. The counselor shall design the program to include:

(1) a guidance curriculum to help students develop their full educational potential;

(2) a responsive services component to intervene on behalf of any student whose immediate personal concerns or problems put the student's continued educational, career, personal, or social development at risk;

(3) an individual planning system to guide a student as the student plans, monitors, and manages the student's own educational, career, personal, and social development; and

(4) system support to support the efforts of teachers, staff, parents, and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal, and social development of students.

System Support

Sec. 33.006 Category
in Survey
(1) participate in planning, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive developmental guidance program to serve all students and to address the special needs of students who are: System Support
(a) at risk of dropping out of school, becoming substance abusers, participating in gang activity, or committing suicide; or Responsive Services
(B) who are in need of modified instructional strategies; Individual Planning, System Support
(C) who are gifted and talented, with emphasis on identifying and serving gifted and talented students who are educationally disadvantaged; Individual Planning, System Support
(2) consult with a student's parent or guardian and make referrals as appropriate in consultation with the student's parent or guardian; Responsive Services
(3) consult with school staff, parents, and other community members to help them increase the effectiveness of student education and promote student success; System Support
(4) coordinate people and resources in the school, home, and community; System Support
(5) with the assistance of school staff, interpret standardized test results and other assessment data that help a student make educational and career plans; and Individual Planning
(6) deliver classroom guidance activities or serve as a consultant to teachers conducting lessons based on the school's guidance curriculum. Guidance Curriculum

S.B. 538 Language Category
in Survey
(C) each additional duty not addressed by Paragraph (A) or (B) of this subdivision that public school counselors perform, as identified by the comptroller; Non-Counseling Activities