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Appendix D
Comptroller Survey of Public School Counselors - Instructions

Please complete all questions in the survey.

The Comptroller's office will use the demographic questions at the beginning of the survey for tabulation purposes only. Once the information is entered in the database, the original survey documents will be destroyed.

Demographic Data

Please answer each question by selecting the appropriate box.

Timesheet Instructions

To improve accuracy, make survey entries for each day at the end of that day.

Round time to the nearest 30 minutes (e.g., 30 minutes equals 0.5 hours, one hour and 30 minutes equals 1.5 hours)


Definition of Categories:

Guidance Curriculum: Helping students develop basic life skills. Areas include: self-confidence development; motivation to achieve; decision-making, goal-setting, planning and problem-solving skills; interpersonal effectiveness (including social skills); communication skills; cross-cultural effectiveness; and responsible behavior.

Responsive Services: Addressing the immediate concerns of students. Areas include: academic concerns; school-related concerns such as tardiness, absence, truancy, misbehavior, school-avoidance and drop-out prevention; relationship concerns, physical/sexual/emotional abuse as described in the Texas Family Code; grief/loss; substance abuse; family issues; harassment issues; and coping with stress.

Individual Planning: Guiding students as they plan and manage their educational, career and personal development. Areas include: educational development such as acquisition of study skills, awareness of educational opportunities, appropriate course selection; lifelong learning and using test scores; career development such as knowledge of potential career opportunities, knowledge of career and technical training and knowledge of positive work habits; personal/social development such as development of healthy self-concepts and development of adaptive and acceptable social behavior.

System Support: Providing program and staff support activities and services. Areas include: guidance program development, parent education, teacher/administrator consultation, staff development for educators, school improvement planning, counselor's professional development; research and publishing; community outreach and public relations.

Non-Guidance Activities: Performing duties not related strictly to counseling activities. These can include: bus duty, lunchroom duty, playground duty, balancing class sizes, building a master schedule, substitute teaching, figuring GPA's, figuring class rank, discipline administration, the clerical aspects of scheduling classes often handled by a registrar, the clerical work related to the TAAS or other standardized or mandatory tests.

Personal leave (e.g., vacation, sick, jury duty)
Administrative tasks
Clerical tasks
Other (Specify):


On the open-ended questions, feel free to use an additional sheet of paper if necessary.


Send to:

Comptroller's Office, Attn: Research Division, P.O. Box 13528, Austin, Texas 78711-3528

Counselor Survey Part 1

 Counselor Survey Part 2

The survey is available as a PDF file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download the latest version to view and print this file.