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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) funding for grants, contracts and loans is distributed by the federal government to various entities within the state including state government, local government entities, local non-profits and other organizations.

The interactive map below displays Recovery Act activity in Texas counties as reported by recipients. Funding is allocated across eleven categories: Contracts, education, energy, environment, health and human services, housing and community development, labor, public safety, research, transportation, and other. Methodology and Disclaimers provides information on what data is being used, location of funds, timing of data and geographic boundaries.

Total for State of Texas Recovery Act Funding - $29,353,592,517.68 (see details)

Click on a county within the map below or select a county from the drop-down list.

Methodology and Disclaimers

What data is being used:
The information is compiled from data received directly from Texas state agencies and public institutions of higher education and data posted on the federal Recovery.gov Web site. The map also includes additional Recovery Act programs, such as Medicaid and Unemployment Benefits, which are not subject to Recovery Act reporting requirements.

The county breakdown does not include payments made to individuals and tax provisions pursuant to the Recovery Act. For state entities which received a direct award of Recovery Act funding (known as prime recipients), and subsequently allocated a portion of the funding to other entities (known as sub-recipients), the unallocated award amount is included for the prime recipient within its respective county.

How we display location of funding:
Direct recipients of Recovery Act funding (known as prime recipients) must indicate a Place of Performance (POP) when reporting to the federal government. Direct recipients may allocate a portion of funding to other entities (known as sub-recipients) and must also identify the POP. The county breakdown is based on the POP, when available. Any direct recipient that has unallocated funding to date will be reflected in the county in which the state entity is headquartered. In the event that it is not possible to determine a single place that is receiving funding, the county in which the state entity is headquartered will reflect the Recovery Act funding. For example, unemployment benefits are paid to individuals across the state. The Recovery Act funding for this program will be reflected in Travis county and not allocated to any other county.

Timing of the data:
Section 1512 of the Recovery Act mandated quarterly reporting for certain Recovery Act programs. The data displayed on this map reflects Final data through the Section 1512 December 2013 quarter end and December 2013 data for federal programs not subject to the Section 1512 reporting.

Geographic boundaries are approximations and not to be used for navigation or any use other than charting the data.

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