Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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Transparency and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

At both the state and federal levels, transparency and accountability are critical parts of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

What the Comptroller's Office is Tracking

The Comptroller's office will track the federal stimulus dollars coming through the state treasury for use by Texas state agencies.

The Comptroller's office is working closely with state agencies to identify stimulus dollars received and ensure expenses are properly coded for tracking. Our office provides a window into these expenses through our Stimulus Tracking reports.

For state expenditures that are not related to stimulus dollars, use our Texas Transparency - Where the Money Goes online search tools.

What is Not Tracked by the Comptroller's Office

Federal stimulus dollars provided straight to Texas local governments, businesses and other entities cannot be tracked by the Comptroller's office because they are outside the state treasury and the fiscal monitoring arm of this office. However, all recipients of federal stimulus dollars must meet federal reporting requirements.

Flow of Federal Stimulus Dollars

Across the U.S., the $787 billion in federal stimulus money goes directly to individuals as tax cuts or increased benefits, to businesses via contracts, to nonprofits in grants and to other public entities as grants or loans. In Texas, less than 3 percent of the $787 billion flows through the state treasury to state agencies.
Flowchart of federal stimulus dollars