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Food - Upcoming Annual Re-bid

Food Contracts Save $10.4 Million

With more than 150 thousand inmates to provide for, the TDCJ Food Program encompasses the single largest prison food contract in the United States. Over the next six years, the total value of this contract will likely exceed $600 million. With this in mind, the Strategic Sourcing division dedicated sufficient resources to establish a contract last year that would be cost effective, efficient, and would address previously identified vendor performance issues.

The first year of the contract expires in August 2014 and all items will be re-priced. The Division will have an open enrollment in March 2014 to recruit new vendors for its' Pre-Qualified Vendors List. Vendors on the list will be eligible to bid on the food items with a contract effective date of September 1. Tentatively, pricing sheets will be sent to vendors on the list in April 2014. Staff has been working closely with key stakeholders to identify areas of improvement for the re-bid.

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Contract pricing (and savings) can be achieved on these contracts when orders are placed through TxSmartBuy.com.

Food Products - CPA Term Contract 390-G2

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