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Specifications Library

TPASS develops formal standards and specifications for a number of commodities purchased in volume by the State of Texas. These standards and specifications establish minimum quality requirements and are identified by a standard/specification number and an effective or revision date.

Texas Specifications are available in Portable Document Format (pdf).

NOTE: To view and print a pdf document, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You may also view the specifications in numeric order.

Air Compressors and Accessories 025

  • 30-01B Air Compressor Units, Tank Mounted
Air Conditioning Equipment 031
  • 05-01B Air Conditioner, Room, Cooling Only
  • 05-02B Air Conditioner, Room, Cooling-Heating
  • 45-05A Filters, Air, Viscous-Coated, Disposable, Non-Renewable

Auto & Truck Accessories 055

  • 20-01 Gasoline to CNG Conversion Systems
  • 20-02 Gasoline to LNG Conversion Systems

Auto & Truck Maintenance Items & Replacement Parts 060

  • 03-01C Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
  • 12-03A Electrolyte (For Storage Batteries) Sulfuric Acid
  • 75-01B Thread Rubber Stock (For Automated Machine, Mold-Cured)
  • 75-02 Thread Rubber Stock (Pre-Cured)
  • BW-97 Batteries, Storage, Wet
Auto & Trucks/School Buses 070

Auto Shop Equipment & Supplies 075

  • 19-01A Spray Washer, High Pressure, Hot Water
  • 19-02A Spray Washer, High Pressure, Cold Water
  • 44-01B Lifts, Hydraulic, Automobile & Truck (Two-Post, Rail Type)
  • 44-02A Lifts, Hydraulic, Adjustable, Automobile & Truck (Two-Post, Rail-Free Type)
  • 44-03A Lifts, Hydraulic, Automotive (Single Post)

Boilerplates: Service Contracts 910

  • 910-27 Boilerplate for Trash Removal Services
  • 910-39 Boilerplate for Janitorial and/or Custodial Services

Carpets and Rugs, Nylon, Commercial, Indoor 360

  • 10-01A Carpets and Rugs, Nylon, Commercial, Indoor

Chemical Raw Materials (Janitorial & Laundry Products) 180

  • 02-02B Pumice, Ground
  • 02-04 Calcium Carbonate (Marble, Limestone)
  • 04-02B Phosphoric Acid, 85% Technical Grade
  • 04-03A Hydrochloric Acid, Inhibited, 20 degrees Baume
  • 08-01C Isopropyl Alcohol, Anhydrous
  • 12-01B Ammonium Hydroxide
  • 12-04A Monoethanolamine (2-Aminoethanol)
  • 12-07A Diethanollamine (ea.), 99%, Commercial Grade
  • 24-02B Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash), Anhydrous
  • 24-03B Sodium Sequicarbonate
  • 30-01A Brightened, Fluorescent
  • 34-01C Sequestering Agent, ETDA Tetrasodium Salt
  • 36-01C Chlorine Carrier, Organic - Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
  • 48-10B Fatty Acid, Coconut
  • 48-11A Soap Base, Tallow-Coconut, Particulate Form
  • 54-02B Foam Stabilizer, Coco Diethanolamine
  • 58-01B Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash),
  • 58-02B Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Liquid
  • 66-01C Mineral Oil, Naphthenic Base
  • 66-02B Solvent, Non-Aromatic, High-Boiling
  • 74-02B Monosodium Phosphate, Anhydrous
  • 74-03C Sodium Tripolysphosphate, Anhydrous
  • 74-04B Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate
  • 74-07A Trisodium Phosphate, Anhydrous
  • 79-03A Diethyl Distearyl Ammonium Chloride
  • 84-02C Sodium Metasilicate, Anhydrous
  • 86-01C Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose
  • 88-02B Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
  • 90-01C Sodium Sulfate, Anhydrous
  • 91-01A Surfactant, Amphoteric-Dihydroxyethyl Tallow Glycinate
  • 92-02B Surfactant, Aninic-Sodium Linear Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate
  • 92-06C Surfactant, Anionic-Ammonium N-Alykl Polyether Sulfate
  • 92-10C Surfactant, Anionic-Phosphate Ester
  • 92-11B Surfactant, Sodium Xylenesulfonate
  • 92-12B Surfactant, Linear Alkylate Sulfonic Acid
  • 92-13A Surfactant, Anionic-Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • 92-14A Surfactant, Anionic-Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate
  • 92-15A Surfactant, Anionic-Aliphatic Phosphate Ester
  • 92-16 Surfactant, Anionic-Blend of Ammonium N-Alykl Polyether Sulfates
  • 93-01B Surfactant, Nonionic-Low-Foaming, Liquid
  • 93-02B Surfactant, Nonionic-Nonylphenoxy (Polyethoxy) Ethoxylate
  • 93-03B Surfactant, Nonionic-Linear Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate
  • 94-01B Titanium Dioxide-Anatase
  • 180 Approved Products List
Drinking Water Coolers 225
  • 30-01C Water Coolers, Mechanically Refrigerated, Self-Contained

Edible Food Staples 275

  • GR-06 Staple Edible Foods
  • ATT-4A Staple Edible Foods Attachment

Electrical Equipment & Supplies 285

  • 58-01A Lighting Units, Emergency, Battery-Operated

Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies 340

  • 41-01 Foam, Fire Suppressor

First Aid & Safety Equipment & Supplies 345

  • 56-01C Helmets, Construction Worker's

Floor Maintenance Machines, Parts & Accessories 365

  • 10-02 Pads, Floor Maintenance (Thick)

Food Perishable 390

Furniture, Non-Office 420
  • 08-01 Stacking Chairs, Cafeteria/Banquet
  • 08-02 Tables, Cafeteria
  • 24-01C Chairs, Steel, Folding
  • 68-01 Mattresses, Bed, Innerspring, Flame-Retardant (PDF)
  • 68-02C Bedsprings, Box Type, Flame-Retardant
  • 68-06A Mattress, Cotton, Flame-Retardant
  • 68-07 Mattress, Bed, Foam, Flame-Retardant (PDF)
  • 84-08 Chairs, Steel Classroom

Furniture, Office 425

  • 06-08 Chairs, Steel, Traditional Design
  • 06-09 Chairs, Office, Contemporary Shell
  • 06-10B Chairs, Office, Ergonomic
  • 06-11 Chairs, Office, Ergonomic, Upholstered Back
  • 06-12A Chairs, Office, Ergonomic, Intensive Use
  • 17-01A Data Processing Terminal Stands
  • 17-02A Data Processing Workstations
  • 17-03 Data Processing Workstations, Bi-Level (w/adjustable keyboards)
  • 40-03E Filing Cabinets, Steel, Vertical, Letter-size
  • 40-04C Filing Cabinets, Steel Lateral Letter-size
  • CF-01 Casegoods, Flush Panel Style Wood
  • CP-01 Casegoods, Post and Panel Style
  • CS-01 Casegoods, Slab (Panel) End Style, Wood
  • CT-01 Casegoods, Traditional Style, Wood
  • OMR Sample Open Market Requistion, Systems Furniture, Office Progressive
  • 425 APL Approved Product List

Germicides, Hospital & Personal 435

  • 04-01A Antimicrobial Solution, Topical, Iodine-Iodophor Complex
  • 16-01A Surgical Scrub Skin Cleanser, Iodophor Type
  • 16-02B Surgical Scrub Skin Cleanser, Hexachlorophene Type
  • 16-03 Surgical Scrub Skin Cleanser, CHG Type
  • 24-04 Disinfectant Detergent, Phenolic Type
  • 40-01B Disinfectant Detergent, Iodophor Type
  • 56-02 Disinfectant Detergent, Quatenary Ammonium Type

Hose 460

Hospital Sundries 475

  • 64-01 Incontinent Briefs, Disposable
  • 64-02 Incontinent Two-Piece Systems (Pad and Pant)
  • 82-01 Syringes, Hypodermic, Sterile, Single Injection Disposable
  • 82-02 Needles, Hypodermic, Sterile, Single Injection Disposable

Ice Making Machines 740

565 Innerspring Unit

Janitorial Supplies, General 485

  • 04-01A Applicators, Wax, Cotton
  • 08-01 Bottles, Polyethylene (with Screw Caps)
  • 08-02 Jugs, Polyethylene (with Screw Caps)
  • 10-01A Brooms, Corn, Parlor and Warehouse
  • 10-02A Brushes, Scrub, Hand
  • 10-03A Brushes, Scrub, Gong Pot
  • 10-05A Brushes, Outdoor, Push
  • 10-06A Brushes, Scrub, Floor, Deck
  • 10-07A Brushes, Floor, Sweeping
  • 10-08A Handles, Brush and Broom
  • 10-09A Brushes, Commode (Sanitary)
  • 10-10A Brushes, Radiator
  • 10-18B Brooms, Corn, Whisk
  • 10-19B Brooms, Corn, Utility
  • 13-01 Cleanser, Hand and Skin, Neutral
  • 14-01A Hand Cleaner, Waterless, Creme Paste
  • 16-05 Detergent Cleaner, Liquid, Low-Sudsing
  • 16-06A Cleaner, Floor, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 16-07A Cleaner, All-Purpose, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 16-08A Cleaner, All-Purpose, Non-Phosphate, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 18-01 Detergent-Degreaser, Heavy-Duty, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 18-02A Cleaner, Heavy-Duty, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 26-02C Cleaner, Toilet Bowl, Liquid
  • 26-03A Cleaner, Toilet Bowl, Non-Acid, Liquid, Concentrate
  • 28-01A Cleaner, Window and Mirror, Liquid
  • 29-01B Cleanser, Powdered, Chlorinated
  • 34-01 Detergent, Steam and Hot Water Spray (For Vehicles)
  • 36-01 Compound, Car Wash, Hand Use
  • 38-01 Cleaning and Washing Compound, Hand Use
  • 38-02 Dishwashing Compound, Machine Use
  • 38-03B Dishwashing Compound, Chlorinated, For Machine Use
  • 38-04A Dishwashing Liquid for Hand Use
  • 54-06 Floor Sealer, Water Emulsion Type, For Masonry and Porous Tile Floors
  • 54-07B Dust Mop Treating Compound, Concentrate
  • 54-08A Floor Finish, Metal-Crosslinked Polymer Type
  • 54-09A Floor Polish Remover, Concentrate
  • 60-01B Insecticide, Household, Liquid, Non-Residual (Pyrethrin)
  • 70-01D Mop Heads, Dusting, Heavy-Duty, Dry
  • 70-02C Mop Heads, Cotton, Dusting, Five Inch (5") Wire Type, Dry
  • 70-03A Block (Wood), Frame and Handle for Dust Mop
  • 70-04A Frame and Handle (For Wire Frame Type Dust Mop)
  • 72-01A Mop Heads, Cotton, Wet
  • 72-02A Mops, Stick, Cotton, Wet
  • 72-03A Mop Heads, Rayon, Wet
  • 84-01B Cleaner, Acid Type (Lime Deposit Remover), Concentrate
  • 86-01A Soap, Hand, Liquid 35% Concentrate
  • 86-02A Soap, Toilet, Cake or Bar, Milled
  • 86-04A Soap, Bar, Mechanic's (Grit)
  • 86-06B Soap, Bar, Antibacterial
  • 86-07 Combination Soap & Detergent Bar, Mild, High-Sudsing, Tinted
  • 86-08 Combination Soap & Detergent Bar, Mild, High-Sudsing, White
  • 86-09A Soap, Detergent Bar, Mild, High-Sudsing
  • 88-01A Squeegee, Floor, Wood Block

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Supplies 505

  • 15-02 Ink, Marking, Indelible, Black, For Fabrics
  • 25-01 Calcium Hypochlorite, Technical
  • 25-03 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 10% Available Chlorine (Laundry Bleach, Liquid)
  • 25-04 Bleach, Laundry, Dry
  • 35-01 Detergent, Laundry, Low-Sudsing, Power or Granules
  • 35-03A Detergent, Institutional Laundry, Granular
  • 35-05 Detergent, Laundry, Low-Sudsing, Granular, Concentrate
  • 35-06 Detergent, Laundry, High-Sudsing, Granular, Concentrate
  • 35-07 Detergent, Laundry, High-Sudsing, Liquid
  • 47-01B Fabric Softener, Powered, Quaternary Ammonium Type, Non-Germicidal
  • 57-01A Laundry Alkili Sodium Metasilicate
  • 57-02 Caustic Soda (Lye), Anhydrous (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • 57-03B Laundry Alkali Sodium Orthosilicate
  • 85-01A Sour, Laundry, Sodium Type (Silicofluoride & Acid Fluoride)
  • 85-02A Sour, Laundry, Ammonium Type
  • 85-03 Sour, Laundry, Sodium Silicofluoride
  • 90-01 Starch, Laundry, Powder or Granules

Miscellaneous Services 962

Each agency should select the appropriate liability coverages. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance should be used unless specific Legislation has authorized the agency to purchase Public Officials coverage. Vendors will need 30 days to complete the bid information. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, the current and past year's financial reports, and a copy of the Legislative authority should be included in the bid package.

  • 962-47-01 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Bid Form
  • 962-47-01A Exhibit A: Application for Directors and Officers Insurance
  • 962-47-01B Exhibit B: Organizational Information for Directors and Officers Insurance
  • 962-47-02 Public Officials Insurance Bid Form
  • 962-47-02A Exhibit A: Application for Public Officials Insurance
  • 962-47-02B Exhibit B: Organizational Information for Public Officials Insurance
  • 962-85-01A Retreading and Repairing of Truck, Grader, and other Off-the-Highway Tires

Paint & Protective Coatings 630

  • 21-01A Colors, Paint Tinting, Universal Type
  • 51-01A Paint, Aluminum, Appearance Coat
  • 51-03A Paint, Aluminum, Heat-Resistant

Paper & Plastic Products, Disposable 640

Radio Equipment & Accessories 483

  • 78-01A Radios, Portable, Two-Way Frequency Modulated (FM)
  • 81-01A Base Repeater Stations, Two-Way Frequency Modulate (FM) Radio
  • 81-02A Mobile Radios, Two-Way Frequency Modulated (FM)
  • 53-01 Pager, Personal Portable Radio

Rags, Shop Towels & Wiping Cloths 735

Telecommunications Equipment & Accessories 484

Textiles, Fibers, Household Linens & Piece Goods 850

  • 12-02A Blanket, Bed, Thermal Type
  • 12-04 Blanket, Bed, Flame Resistant
  • 20-01 Cloth, Cotton, Gingham, (Yard Goods)
  • 20-05 Cloth, Cotton, Muslin (Yard Goods)
  • 20-08 Cloth, Cotton, Drill (Yard Goods)
  • 44-01 Duck, Cotton, Canvas, Numbered
  • 84-03 Fabric, Synthetic, Vinyl-Laminated, Flame-Retardant (PDF)
Required Plug-ins

In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 855, which requires state agencies to publish a list of the three most commonly used Web browsers on their websites. The Texas Comptroller’s most commonly used Web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.