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Date of last revision: March 19, 1997




All bidders are cautioned to read and understand the

"General Instructions, Terms and Conditions to Bidders", prior to submitting their bid.


1.1. Description of Contract: Furnish, install, set in place and maintain dumpsters for trash removal service. Contractor shall furnish all labor necessary. Contractor shall be responsible for disposal of contents and all applicable permits.

1.2. Type of Contract: This is a variable price contract, with prices indexed to dumping fees.

1.3. Term of Contract: The term of this contract will be from < insert date > to < insert date > with the option to extend for < insert number > additional one year periods. This will be done in writing and at the State's exclusive option.

1.4. Delivery: Reference locations in Section 2 and service schedules.

1.5. Cash Discount: Bidders are encouraged to offer discounts for expedited payment of invoices rendered under this contract. Cash discount will be: _____ % _____ days. Cash discounts will be taken as earned by the ordering entity. They will not be considered in the bid evaluation.

1.6. Price Increases: If the landfill and/or dumping fee increases or decreases during the term of this contract, the Contractor is obligated to notify the agency in writing within ten (10) working days (attach third party notification). Price increases and/or decreases shall not be more or less than the actual fee change, to begin at the next month's service.

1.7. Cancellation: The contract, either in whole or in part, is subject to cancellation, without penalty, at the State's option. The State shall give the vendor 30 days written notice of the intention to terminate.

1.8. Point of Contact: Bidder is requested to provide a person to contact for any information or questions pertaining to the submitted bid response.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ FAX: _____________________________

1.9. Interpretation: Any questions concerning the terms and conditions and technical specifications shall be directed in writing to < insert name of State agency >. Inquiries must reference the bid opening date and contract number.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ FAX: _____________________________


2.1. Size and Types of Dumpsters:

Cubic yards: _________________________________________________________

Open Top / Roll-off, Front Loading, etc.: ____________________________________

2.2. Frequency of Service:

On Call (hour ARO):

Daily, weekly, etc.:

Holiday schedule:

2.3. Hours of Service: _____________________________________________________

2.4. Location of Dumpsters on Property: _____________________________________

2.5. Option to Add or Remove Additional Dumpsters or Sites:

2.6. Container Quality:

Undamaged, insect and rodent resistant, painted, neat, leak proof, etc.;

No advertising on dumpster;

Periodic change outs and cleaning to maintain sanitary conditions;

Replacement containers during off-site clean up;

Pickup area to be kept clean.

2.7. Special Conditions:

Construction site materials;

Hazardous wastes;


Recyclable materials / sorting;

Color / material of containers;

State owned containers;

Truck and employee identification.

2.8. Emergency Pickup:

Within four (4) hours;

Emergency telephone number.

2.9. On-Site Inspection by Bidders.

2.10. Certificates of Insurance:

Worker's Compensation;





2.11. References.

2.12. Work Stoppage:

State reserves the right to engage temporary service;

Contractor to be charged.

2.13. Conditions for Contract Termination:

<insert number > dys notice;

Unsatisfactory performance.

2.14. Compliance:

Clean Air Act;

Clean Water Act;

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations;

all applicable federal, state, local environmental ordinances;

Civil Right Act;

Americans with Disabilities Act;

Immigration Reform and Control Act.

2.15. Bid Evaluation Method:

Per Dumpster;

Per Site (multiple);

Total Dollar.

2.16. Agency Point-of-Contact after Award:

Name: __________________________________________________________

Title: ____________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ FAX: _________________________

2.17. Pricing for Each Size and Type:

Pickup and delivery change (one time);

Rental and maintenance per month;

Emptying per haul;

Additional pickup;

Missed pickup credit.

(Include copies of all third party landfill fees.)

2.18. Pricing for Options.

2.19. Pricing for On-site Relocation:

No additional charge.

2.20. Billing and Invoicing:


Itemized as applicable to sites, etc.

Required Plug-ins

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