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Texas Specification No. 640-75-02B

Effective Date: September 6, 1990

Reformatted: February 14, 1996




1. SCOPE: This specification establishes the minimum requirements for one-ply folded, power towels of the wet strength type.

2. APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS: References to specifications, standards and test methods shall be to the issues in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids. Copies of the referenced documents may be obtained from the issuing organizations at the addresses shown. the following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:

2.1. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS (ASTM), 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103:

2.1.1. ASTM D 646 -- Test Method for Grammage of Paper and Paperboard.

2.1.2. ASTM D 824 -- Test Method for Absorption of Water by Bibulous Papers.

2.1.3. ASTM D 828 -- Test Method for Tensile Breaking Strength of Paper and Paperboard.

2.1.4. ASTM D 1030 -- Standard Test Method for Fiber Analysis of Paper and Paperboard.

2.1.5. ASTM D 4431 -- Standard Specification for Paper Towels for Industrial and Institutional Use.


2.2.1. T 401 -- Fiber Analysis of Paper and Paperboard.

2.2.2. T 404 -- Tensile Breaking Strength and Elongation of Paper and Paperboard.

2.2.3. T 410 -- Grammage of Paper and Paperboard.

2.2.4. T 432 -- Water Absorbency of Bibulous Papers.

2.2.5. T 452 -- Brightness of Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard.

2.2.6. T 456 -- Wet Tensile Breaking Strength of Paper and Paperboard.

2.2.7. T 494 -- Tensile Breaking Properties of Paper and Paperboard.

2.2.8. T 525 -- Brightness of Pulp.

2.3. FEDERAL DOCUMENTS, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402:

2.3.1. UU-P-31 -- Paper: General Specifications and Methods of Testing.

2.3.2. UU-T-591 -- Towels, Paper.

2.3.3. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) -- 40 CFR Part 250: Environmental Protection Agency.

3. CLASSIFICATION: Wet strength paper towels shall be classified by class and size as follows:

3.1. Class:

3.1.1. Class 1: Singlefold, unbleached (Kraft).

3.1.2. Class 2: Singlefold, bleached.

3.1.3. Class 3: Multifold, unbleached (Kraft).

3.1.4. Class 4: Multifold, bleached.

3.1.5. Class 5: C-fold, unbleached (Kraft).

3.1.6. Class 6: C-fold, bleached.

3.2. Size: Dimensions shall be as shown in Table 1.



Singlefold Class 1 Singlefold Class 2 Multifold Class 3 Multifold Class 4 C-Fold Class 5 C-Fold Class 6
Area, sq. in., min. 92.00 92.00 85.00 85.00 130.00 130.00
Side, in. ± 1/2 9-1/4 9-1/4 9-1/4 9-1/4 10-1/8 10-1/8
Fold depth, in. 5-1/2 5-1/2 3-1/8 3-1/8 4.00 4.00
Fold depth, tolerance, in. ± 1/2 ± 1/2 ± 1/8 ± 1/8 ± 1/2 ± 1/2

4. DEFINITIONS: Terminology used in this specification is intended to be generic in nature and consistent with meanings that have been defined through general use and/or accepted trade practices. Where variant meanings may exist, the applicable interpretation shall be determined by the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS).

4.1. Basis Weight of Paper: The weight in pounds of a given number of sheets of a given size.

4.2. Commission: Texas Procurement and Support Services.

4.3. Recycled Material: Recovered material which may be pre-consumer, post-consumer, or both.

4.3.1. Pre-consumer material is defined as materials obtained from manufacturing forest residues and other wastes such as dry paper and paperboard wastes generated after the completion of the paper making process. It also includes finished paper and paperboard from obsolete inventories of paper and paperboard manufacturer's merchants, wholesalers, dealers, printers, converters or others.

4.3.2. Post-consumer recovered material is defined as paper, paperboard and fibrous wastes from factories, retail stores, office buildings, homes, etc., after they have passed through their end usage as a consumer item. All paper, paperboard, and fibrous waste that enter and are collected from municipal solid waste are included.

5. REQUIREMENTS: Products furnished under this specification shall meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:

5.1. General Requirements:

5.1.1. All paper towels shall be new, unused, and a currently standard product of an established manufacturer except for such deviations as may be required by this specification. See Paragraph 5.4.

5.1.2. Towels shall present a neat, well finished appearance inside and outside and shall be free of all imperfections and/or defects which might affect appearance, normal life, or serviceability.

5.1.3. Towels shall be clean and free of shives, holes, tears or wrinkles, and be free from lint, either wet or dry.

5.1.4. Edges shall be clearly cut and shall not be ragged.

5.1.5. Towels shall have no disagreeable odor, either wet or dry.

5.1.6. Towels shall have a finish such as produced by creeping or embossing, and have a uniform formation.

5.1.7. Folded towels shall be snugly, securely and evenly banded and shall not spill from package under normal handling conditions.

5.1.8. Details not specified herein shall be in accordance with standard commercial practices for products of this type.

5.2. Physical Requirements: Paper towels shall conform to the requirements shown in Table 2, when tested as specified in Paragraph 6.



Requirements Singlefold Class 1 Singlefold Class 2 Multifold Class 3 Multifold Class 4 C-Fold Class 5 C-Fold Class 6
Basis Weight, lbs., min. 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00
Absorption Time (0.01 ml. water), sec., max. 100.00 80.00 100.00 80.00 100.00 80.00
Tensile Strength, dry, oz./in., both directions, min. 34.00 34.00 34.00 34.00 34.00 34.00
Tensile Strength, wet, oz./in., both directions, min. 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00
Brightness, % min. -- 68.00 -- 68.00 -- 68.00

5.3. Folds: The towels shall be interlocked singlefolded (Class 1 and Class 2), interlocked multifolded (Class 3 and Class 4), or C-folded (Class 5 and Class 6), whichever is specified in the Invitation for Bids. See Paragraph 3.

5.4. Material: The processed paper shall contain not less than 95% recycled materials unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids. Bidders shall be responsible for certification of recycled paper usage (See Paragraph 12.4.).

5.5. Construction: Towels shall fit and dispense satisfactorily from the dispensing cabinet.

6. TESTING: Testing shall be done by or at the direction of, the Commission and/or the receiving State agency. Tests shall be performed on products from shipments to ordering agencies. In the event products tested fail to meet or exceed all conditions and requirements of this specification, the cost of the samples used and the cost of testing shall be borne by the supplier.

6.1. Method: The product (s) furnished under this specification shall be tested by one of the methods in Table 3 or approved equally applicable procedures.



Characteristic Federal Test Method TAPPI

Test Method

ASTM Test Method
Basis Weight, (24" x 36", 500) 110.00 T 410 D 646
Absorption Time, (0.01 ml. water) 180.00 T 432 D 824
Tensile Strength, dry, average of both directions 171.00 T 404

T 494

D 828
Tensile Strength, wet, average of both directions 172.00 T 456 --
Brightness 111.00 T 452 --
Fiber Content 300.00 T 401 D 1030
  1. Test specimens shall be immersed in water at 73 °F. for 15 ± 3 seconds.

7. SAMPLES: Unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids, no prepurchase samples shall be required. Samples tested shall be obtained from products supplied on regular orders.

8. INSPECTION: Products furnished under this specification shall be inspected by, or at the direction of the Commission and/or the ordering State agency either at the destination or place of manufacture.

9. PACKING / PACKAGING: Packing for shipment shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard practice and in a manner readily accepted by common carriers engaged in interstate commerce and as specified in the Invitation for Bids. Within the shipping carton, units shall be packed in a manner designed to minimize damage during shipment due to rough or improper handling.

9.1. Lots: Folded towels shall be packed not more than 375 per package and shall be banded. There shall be 4,000 towels per case, or whichever is specified in the Invitation for Bids.

9.2. Palletization: If quantities are large enough, the agency may request delivery on pallets. The vendor shall specify the charge per pallet if the pallet is non-returnable.


10.1. MARKING: Each shipping container shall be clearly marked with:

10.1.1. Name of contents.

10.1.2. Quantity.

10.1.3. Name and address of the manufacturer.

The container or shipping documents shall include:

10.1.4. Order number or contract number.

10.1.5. Name and address of ordering agency.

10.1.6. Agency requisition number.

10.2. LABELING: The band on each package shall be marked to show the following information:

10.2.1. Name of manufacturer.

10.2.2. Stock or catalog number.

10.2.3. Type of towel.

10.2.4. Number of towels in the package.

11. BID LITERATURE: All bids shall be accompanied by a description of the products being offered.

12. COMPLIANCE: In order for consideration to be given to the bid on an item under this specification, the bidder must comply with the following:

12.1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The make, model number, name of the manufacturer, brand or trade name, etc., as applicable, of the item which the vendor proposes to furnish must be stated as part of the bid.

12.2. EXCEPTIONS: Notwithstanding the above, any exception taken by the bidder to the requirements and conditions of this specification must be stated and described in detail as a part of the bid. If no exceptions or deviations are identified in this manner, the items must be furnished exactly as described herein.

12.3. PROOF: The bidder shall bear the burden of proof of compliance with this specification.

12.4. CERTIFICATION: The contractor shall certify in writing to the Commission that the material offered contains not less than 95% recycled material, unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids. Certification shall include percent of post consumer waste used. See Paragraph 4.3.

14. ORDERING DATA: When ordering products conforming to this specification the requisitioning agency shall specify the following:

14.1. The number of this specification (640-75-02B).

14.2. Class (See Paragraph 3.1.).

14.3. Palletization (See Paragraph 9.2.).

15.4. Quantity of cases of each class required (See Paragraph 9.1.).

15. AVAILABILITY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Copies of this specification may be obtained by calling or writing:

Bid Services

Texas Procurement and Support Services

P.O.Box 13186

Austin, TX 78711-3047

(512) 463-3416

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