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Texas Specification No. 630-21-01A

Effective Date: November 8, 1989

Reformatted Date: June 28, 1996




1. SCOPE: This specification establishes the minimum requirements for universal type paint tinting colors, in paste form, for use in tinting interior and exterior paints of the types specified herein.

2. APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS: Reference to specifications, standards, and test methods shall be to the issues in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids. Copies of the following documents may be obtained at the addresses shown. The following documents form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:

2.1. Federal Standards: Superintendent of Documents, U.S.Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402:

2.1.1. Federal Standard No. 595a -- Colors.

2.2. Texas Specifications: Bid Services, Texas Procurement and Support Services, P. O. Box 13186, Austin, TX 78711-3047:

2.2.1. Texas Specification No. 630-63-03C -- Paint, Alkyd Gloss Enamel, Interior and Exterior.

2.2.2. Texas Specification No. 630-63-04C -- Paint, Porch, Floor, and Deck Gloss Enamel, Interior and Exterior.

2.2.3. Texas Specification No. 630-63-07C -- Paint, Alkyd Semigloss Enamel, White, Interior and Exterior.

2.2.4. Texas Specification No. 630-63-15A -- Paint, Vinyl Acrylic Flat Latex, Mildew Resistant, White, Exterior.

2.2.5. Texas Specification No. 630-63-16A -- Paint, Vinyl Acrylic Latex Semigloss Enamel, Mildew Resistant, White, Interior.

2.2.6. Texas Specification No. 630-63-17A -- Paint, Vinyl Acrylic Flat Latex, white and Light Tint Base, Interior.

3. CLASSIFICATION: Tinting colors furnished to this specification shall be classified by color as follows:

3.1. Lead free Black

3.2. Lead free Clear Red

3.3. Lead free Orange

3.4. Lead free Yellow

3.5. Lead free Magenta

3.6. Lead free Oxide Yellow

3.7. Lead free Bright Blue

3.8. Lead free Thalo Green

3.9. Lead free Red Oxide

3.10. Lead free White

4. REQUIREMENTS: The tinting colors furnished under this specification shall conform to the following minimum requirements:

4.1. General Requirements: Tinting colors shall meet or exceed the following general requirements:

4.1.1. Form: A paste form of tinting color shall be furnished under this specification. The successful bidder shall be required to furnish all colors in the same form throughout the complete order or contract period.

4.1.2. Tinting Strength: The tinting strength of each of the new colors must be such that the Federal Standard Colors listed below are at least equaled in depth when the specified quantity of the applicable tinting colorant is added to one (1) gallon of each of the paint types listed in Paragraph 4.2.1. Should a colorant fail to equal or exceed the applicable Federal Standard Color in depth when used in the specified proportions, i any one of the paint types listed in Paragraph 4.2.1., the tinting colorant shall not be considered acceptable under this specification. For reference, the amount of the "old" colorant required to yield the same Federal Standard Color Number as the "new" colorant is also listed in Table No. One.

Notes: The Federal Standard color number cited are from Federal Color Standard No. 595a. Individual three by five inch (3" x 5") color chips are available at a nominal cost from the General Services Administration, Specifications, Room 6654, 7th and D Street Southwest, Washington, DC, 20407.

Color cards are not available for those colors listed in Paragraph 3.

4.1.3. Statement of Coloring Pigment Content: Bidders must include as a part of their bid, the number of pounds of each coloring pigment per gallon of tinting paste.

4.1.4. Container Sizes: The paint tinting colors shall be furnished in quart containers.

4.1.5. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): When so specified in the Invitation for Bids, the successful bidder shall furnish Material Safety Data Sheets.

4.2. Performance Requirements: All colors, when used at the rate of one-half pint of paste per gallon, shall have good blending qualities, must dispense completely, must be permanent, fade proof, non-bleeding, and light fast. The colors shall have excellent exterior and interior durability, must not impair the gloss, drying time, washability, or adherence of the base paint, and shall not change the viscosity more the 5 KU. The tinted paint, when brushed, shall show no signs of color streaking or flotation. Colors shall also meet the following:

4.2.1. Compatibility: The universal tinting colors shall be compatible with and suitable for use in the following types of paint (when used in any amount up to, but not to exceed, one-half pint of paste per gallon of paint): White Alkyd Gloss Enamel, Interior and Exterior, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-30-03C. White Porch, Floor, and Deck Alkyd Enamel, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-63-04C. White Alkyd Semigloss Enamel, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-63-07C. White Vinyl Acrylic Flat Latex, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-63-15A. White Vinyl Acrylic Semigloss Latex Enamel, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-63-16A. White Vinyl Acrylic Flat Latex, conforming to Texas Specification No. 630-63-17A.

4.2.2. Grind: A mixture by volume of fifty percent (50%) paste and fifty percent (50%) white enamel meeting Texas Specification No. 630-63-03C shall have a minimum grind of seven (7).

4. TESTING: Testing shall be done by, or at the direction of, the Commission. Tests shall be performed on samples taken from regular shipments. In the even products tested fail to meet or exceed all conditions and requirements of this specification, the cost of the samples used and the cost of the testing shall be borne by the supplier.

5. SAMPLES: When so specified in the Invitation for Bids, bidders shall submit samples of products they propose to furnish. Each sample shall be of the size, quantity, in type of container, etc. as specified in the Invitation for Bids. Samples must be delivered prepaid prior to bid opening date to the Commission's Inspector, 1711 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78711.

Samples shall be tagged to show this specification number, requisition number, the name and address of the manufacturer, the name of the bidder, and the brand name or trade name, of the product, as applicable.

6. INSPECTION: Products furnished under this specification shall be inspected by, or at the discretion of, the Commission and/or the ordering State agency.

7. PACKING and/or PACKAGING: The packing and packaging shall be accordance with industry standard practice and in a manner readily acceptable by common carriers engaged in interstate commerce.

8. MARKING and/or LABELING: Each container shall be marked with the name of the tinting color or the Federal Standard color number. Each shipping container shall be clearly marked with the following:

8.1. Name of contents.

8.2. Quantity contained.

8.3. Name and address of manufacturer.

The following information shall be either marked on the container or appear on the shipping documents:

8.4. Order number or contract number.

8.5. Name and address of ordering agency.

8.6. Agency requisition number.

9. COMPLIANCE: In order for consideration to be given to the bid on an item under this specification, the bidder must comply with the following conditions.

9.1. Equipment Identification: The make, model number, name of the manufacturer, brand or trade name, etc., as applicable, of the item which the vendor proposes to furnish must be state as part of the bid.

9.2. Exceptions: Notwithstanding the above, any exception taken by the bidder to the requirements and conditions of this specification must be stated and described in detail as a part of the bid. If no exceptions or deviations are identified in this manner, the items must be furnished exactly as described herein.

9.3. Proof: The bidder shall bear the burden of proof of compliance with this specification.

10. PRODUCT INFORMATION: These colors are universal type tinting colors suitable for use in tinting to pastel shades the types of white paints shown in Paragraph 4.2.1. (For ready mixed paints having a deep red, black, brown, gray, or green color, see Texas Specification No. 630-63-03C and 630-63-04C.) Obviously, for good results the tinting color must be thoroughly mixed into the paint. Also, it is recommended that a sufficient amount of paint be tinted at one time to complete an entire job.

Do not add more than one-half pint of paste per gallon of paint.

11. ORDERING DATA: When ordering product (s) conforming to this specification, the requisitioning agency must specify the following:

11.1. The number of this specification (630-21-01A).

11.2. The color desired (See Paragraph 3.).

11.3. The quantity required. (Please order in multiples of one quart).

12. AVAILABILITY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Copies of this specification may be obtained by writing or calling:

Bid Services

Texas Procurement and Support Services

P. O. Box 13186

Austin, TX 78711-3047

(512) 463-3416


Federal Standard Color Number Fluid Ounces of "Old" Tinting Colorant Per Gallon of Paint Fluid Ounces of "New" Tinting Colorant Per Gallon of Paint
36373.00 2 - Tinting Black 2 - Black
36440.00 Neutral Black 1-1/2 - Black
+1/4 - Oxide Yellow
36521.00 2 - Burnt Umber 1/2 - Oxide Yellow
+1/2 - Black
+1/4 - Red Oxide
13522.00 2 - Raw Umber 3/4 Oxide Yellow
+3/4 - Black
+1/2 - Orange
33613.00 2 - Raw Sienna 2 - Oxide Yellow
22519.00 2 - Burnt Sienna 3/4 - Oxide Yellow
+1/4 - Black
+1/4 - Red Oxide
+1/2 - Orange
31668.00 1 - Permanent Red 1- Clear Red
30252.00 8 - Venetian Red 3 - Red Oxide
35526.00 2 - Thalo Blue 1 - Bright Blue
33793.00 2 - Permanent Light Yellow 2 - Yellow
33695.00 2 - Permanent Medium Yellow 2 - Yellow
+1/8 - Orange
32630.00 2 - Deep Orange 2 - Orange
34518.00 2 - Permanent Dark Green 1 - Thalo Green
+1/4 - Bright Blue
34491.00 2 - Permanent Medium Green 2 - Thalo Green
37144.00 32 - Royal Purple 24 - Magenta
+5 - Bright Blue
26622.00 Gray Toner1 8 - Gray
+1/4 - Oxide Yellow
33695.00 Light Orange1 4 - Yellow
+1 - Orange
31668.00 Medium Brown1 1/4 - Oxide Yellow
+1/4 - Red Oxide
+1/4 - Black
17875.00 Tinting White1 Tinting White1
  1. New color, not in previous specification.
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