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Texas Specification No. 485-08-02

Effective Date: August 31, 1979

Reformatted: February 5, 1996




(with Screw Caps)

1. SCOPE: This specification establishes the minimum requirements for one gallon polyethylene jugs for use in packaging liquid detergents and other janitorial supplies.

2. APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS: References to specifications, standards and test methods shall be to the issues in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids. Copies of the referenced documents may be ordered from the issuing organizations at the addresses shown. The following documents form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:

2.1. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS (ASTM), 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103:

2.1.1. ASTM D 638 -- Standard Method of Test for Tensile Properties of Plastics.

2.1.2. ASTM D 746 -- Standard Method of Test for Brittleness Temperature of Plastics and Elastomers by Impact.

2.1.3. ASTM D 790 -- Standard Method of Test for Flexural Properties of Plastics.

2.1.4. ASTM D 1238 -- Standard Method of Measuring Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer.

2.1.5. ASTM D 1248 -- Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Molding and Extrusion Materials.

2.1.6. ASTM D 1505 -- Standard Method of Test for Density of Plastics by the Density Gradient Technique.

2.1.7. ASTM D 1693 -- Standard Method of Test for Environmental Stress Cracking of Ethylene Plastics.

2.2. FEDERAL DOCUMENTS, Superintendent of Documents, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

2.3. THE SOCIETY OF THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY, INC., 355 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017:

2.3.1. Dimensions for Plastic Bottles.

2.3.2. Plastic Bottle Glossary.


3.1. General Definitions: Terminology used in this specification is intended to be generic in nature and consistent with meanings that have been defined through general use and/or accepted trade practices. Where variant meanings may exist, the applicable interpretation shall be determined by the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS).

3.1.1. Commission: Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS).

3.2. The terminology used in this specification follows the standard usage of the Society of the Plastics Industry, as follows:

3.2.1. Chime: One of the rims above and below the label panel, constituting the widest part of the container.

3.2.2. E Dimension: The outside diameter of a threaded bottle neck (finish) exclusive of the threads.

3.2.3. Finish: The configuration of the neck or opening of a container which serves to engage specific parts of the closure in order to attach the closure securely to the container. the dimensions of the finish are specified by two numbers: 28-410, for example. The first of these is the nominal outside diameter of the finish expressed in millimeters; the second specifies other details of the finish dimensions, as defined in the reference of Paragraph 2.2.1.

3.2.4. I Dimension: The specified minimum inside diameter of the bottle neck.

3.2.5. Rock: Inability of a container to stand firmly upright, due to a bulging bottom.

3.2.6. T Dimension: The outside diameter of the thread helix.

4. REQUIREMENTS: Bottles furnished under this specification shall meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:

4.1. General: The bottles, which will serve as containers for liquid detergents and other janitorial supplies, shall be capable of standing up under the conditions normally associated with this type of usage. They shall be blow molded in Modern Round style from high density polyethylene, and surface treated to promote adhesion of labeling materials. They shall be free from defects leading to leakage of the contents, failure of the closure to spin on properly, excessive rock, or unsightly appearance.

4.2. Materials: The molding material shall be a stress crack resistant grade of polyethylene resin belonging to Type III, Class A, Category 5 as defined in ASTM D 1248. At least 60% shall be virgin resin/ the remainder shall comprise clean reground material from the same resin. Physical properties of the resin shall conform to the limits given in Table 1.

4.3. Physical Measurements: Weight, dimensions and finish of the bottles as specified in Table 2.

4.4. Closures: The jugs shall be furnished with properly fitting plastic screw caps meeting the following requirements:

4.4.1. Cap material - black phenolic resin.

4.4.2. Liner - co-extruded 3-ply composite, with a layer of foamed polyethylene between two layers of low density polyethylene film.

4.5. Drop Impact Resistance: The jugs shall meet the requirements of Department of Transportation Specification DOT-2E for drop impact resistance.

4.6. Labels: When so specified in the Invitation for Bids, the jugs shall bear silk screened labels of the specified color and type of ink, in accordance with a sample provided by the ordering agency.



Requirement Minimum Maximum ASTM Test
1. Density, g/cm3 0.946 0.956 D 1505
2. Melt index, g/10 min. 0.15 0.40 D 1238
3. Tensile Strength, lb/in2 3200 -- D 638
4. Elongation at break, percent 300.00 -- D 638
5. Flexural modulus, lb/in2 150,000 -- D 790
6. Brittleness temperature, °F ( °C) -- -103 (-75) D 746
7. Environmental stress crack resistance, F50, hours 60 -- D 1693, Condition B



Requirement Minimum Maximum
1. Weight, grams 130 --
2. Wall thickness, inches 0.015 --
3. Height, inches 11.76 11.92
4. I Dimension, inches 1.12 --
5. T Dimension, inches 1.452 1.476
6. E Dimension, inches 1.358 1.382
7. Chime diameter, inches 6.06 6.24
8. Panel diameter, inches 5.88 6.06
9. Panel height, inches 5.08 5.35
10. Finish: 38-400

5. SAMPLES: Unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids, no prepurchase samples shall be required. Samples tested shall be taken from regular orders.

6. TESTING: Testing shall be done by or at the direction of, the Commission and/or the receiving State agency. Tests shall be performed on products from shipments to ordering agencies. In the event products tested fail to meet or exceed all conditions and requirements of this specification, the cost of the samples used and the cost of testing shall be borne by the supplier.

6.1. TESTS: The product furnished under this specification shall be tested by the following methods or equally applicable procedures:

6.1.1. Visual inspection for obvious defects.

6.1.2. Measurement of parameters such as weight and linear dimensions.

6.1.3. Observations of in-use performance

6.1.4. Tests on the molding material by the ASTM methods referenced in Table 1.

6.1.5. Testing of drop impact resistance by the procedure of DOT-2E, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Paragraph 178.24a-5.

7. INSPECTION: Products furnished under this specification shall be inspected by, or at the direction of the Commission and/or the ordering State agency either at the destination or place of manufacture.

8. PACKING / PACKAGING: Packing for shipment shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard practice and in a manner readily accepted by common carriers engaged in interstate commerce and as specified in the Invitation for Bids. Within the shipping carton, units shall be packed in a manner designed to minimize damage during the shipment because of rough or improper handling.

8.1. Packaging: The jugs shall be packed 6 to a carton in 275 pound test reshipper cartons with 250 pound test inserts.


9.1. MARKING: Each shipping container shall be clearly marked with the following:

9.1.1. Name of contents.

9.1.2. Quantity contained.

9.1.3. Name and address of the manufacturer.

The following information shall either be marked on the container or appear on the shipping documents:

9.1.4. Order number or contract number.

9.1.5. Name and address of ordering agency.

9.1.6. Agency requisition number.

10. COMPLIANCE: In order for consideration to be given to the bid on an item under this specification, the bidder must comply with the following:

10.1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The make, model number, name of the manufacturer, brand or trade name, etc., as applicable, of the item which the vendor proposes to furnish must be stated as part of the bid.

10.2. EXCEPTIONS: Notwithstanding the above, any exception taken by the bidder to the requirements and conditions of this specification must be stated and described in detail as a part of the bid. If no exceptions or deviations are identified in this manner, the items must be furnished exactly as described herein.

10.3. PROOF: The bidder shall bear the burden of proof of compliance with this specification.

11. ORDERING DATA: When ordering products conforming to this specification the requisitioning agency shall specify the following:

11.1. The number of this specification (485-08-02).

11.2. The size of jug (one gallon).

11.3. Number of jugs desired (multiple of six).

11.4. Silk screening, if required.

12. AVAILABILITY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Copies of this specification may be obtained by calling or writing:

Bid Services

Texas Procurement and Support Services

P.O.Box 13186

Austin, TX 78711-3047

(512) 463-3416

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