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Texas Specification No. 225-30-01C
Supercedes Texas Specification No. 225-30-01B
Effective Date: February 1, 2000


1. SCOPE: This specification establishes the minimum requirements for self-contained, mechanically refrigerated drinking water coolers. These requirements define the minimum quality level acceptable to the State of Texas.

2. APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS: References to specifications, standards and test methods shall be to the issues in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids. Copies of the referenced documents may be obtained from the issuing organizations at the addresses shown. The following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:

2.1. AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE, (ANSI), 11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036-8002, (212) 642-4948, Fax: (212) 840-2298, www.ansi.org.

2.1.1. ANSI A117.1 - Specifications for Marking Buildings and Facilities Accessible to, and Usable by, Physically Handicapped People.

2.1.2. ANSI/ARI 1010-94 - Standard for Drinking-Fountains and Self-Contained, Mechanically Refrigerated, Drinking Water Coolers.

2.1.3. ANSI/UL 399 - Standard for Drinking Water Coolers.

2.1.4. ANSI/NSF 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects.

2.2. AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION INSTITUTE, (ARI), 4301 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 425, Arlington, VA, 22203, (703) 524-8836, Fax: (703) 528-3816, www.ari.org.

2.2.1. Directory of Certified Drinking Water Coolers.

2.3. NSF INTERNATIONAL, P.O. Box 130140, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0140, (800) 673-6275, Fax: (734) 769-0109, www.nsf.org..

2.4. UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC., Corporate Headquarters, 333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL 60662-2096, (847) 272-8800, Fax: (847) 272-8129, www.ul.com.

2.5. GLOBAL ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS, Customer Support A105, 15 Inverness Way, Englewood, CO 80112, (800) 624-3974, Fax: (303) 792-2192, www.global.ihs.com.

2.5.1. Global Engineering Documents is an information specialist company that maintains and provides standards information for numerous organizations. Copies of standards may also be ordered from Global Engineering Documents.

3. DEFINITIONS: Terminology used in this specification is intended to be generic in nature and consistent with meanings that have been defined through general use and/or accepted trade practices. Where variant meanings may exist, the applicable interpretation shall be determined by the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS).

3.1. Bottle Type Water Cooler: A water cooler which utilizes a bottle for storing the supply of water to be cooled and a faucet for filling glasses, cups, or similar containers, and which includes a waste water receptacle.

3.2. Commission: Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS).

3.3. Flush-to-the-Wall: A floor mounted pressure type water cooler having an open, or partially open, back, and which is designed for installation in direct contact with a wall, column, or other vertical surface.

3.4. Free Standing: A floor mounted pressure type water cooler which is enclosed on all four sides and which is suitable for installation away from vertical surfaces.

3.5. Remote Type: A water cooler or chiller which has the primary function of providing cooled, potable water for delivery to dispensing devices which may be located at a separate location or locations. These dispensing devices are not considered as part of the water cooler or chiller.

3.6. Standard Rating Capacity (SRC): The quantity of water cooled by a water cooler in one hour, expressed in gallons per hour, at the Standard Rating Conditions and including the effect of any pre-cooler.

3.7. Standard Rating Conditions: Those conditions of ambient air temperature, inlet water temperature, cooled water temperature, and spill percent specified in ANSI/ARI 1010-94 at which the Standard Rating Capacity is to be determined.

4. CLASSIFICATION: Water coolers shall be classified by type, style, and size as follows:

4.1. TYPE: Water coolers shall be one of the following types:

4.1.1. Type BT: Bottle Type.

4.1.2. Type PB: Pressure Type, Bubbler.

4.1.3. Type RT: Remote Type (Requires Fountain).

4.2. STYLE: Water coolers shall be styled according to type of mounting as follows:

4.2.1. Type PB water coolers shall be one of the following styles: Style FS: Free-Standing, Floor-Mounted. Style FW: Flush-to-the-Wall, Floor-Mounted. Style WH: Standard Wall Hung. Style WC: Wall Hung, Wheelchair Accessible.

4.2.2. Type RT water coolers shall be one of the following styles:

4.2.1. Style CM: Column Mounted.

4.2.2. Style WH: Wall Hung.

4.2.3. Style WI: Inside Wall.

4.3. SIZE: Water coolers shall be classified by size according to Standard Rating Capacity (SRC). Capacity ratings shall be based on Standard Rating Conditions of 90 ° F (32.2 ° C) ambient air, 80 ° F (26.7 ° C) inlet water temperature, and 50 ° F (10.0 ° C) outlet water temperature except, Type BT water coolers shall be rated at 90 ° F (32.2 ° C) ambient air, 90 ° F (32.2 ° C) inlet water temperature, and 50 ° F (10.0 ° C) outlet water temperature.

4.3.1. Type BT water coolers shall be of two sizes with minimum SRCs of 0.4 gallons per hour (2.3 liters per hour) and 1.0 gallon per hour (3.8 liters per hour).

4.3.2. Type PB, Styles FS, FW, and WH water coolers shall be of five (5) sizes with minimum SRC in accordance with Table 1. Style WC water coolers (wheelchair accessible) shall be of two sizes with minimum SRC in accordance with Table 1.

4.3.3. Type RT water coolers shall be of four (4) sizes with minimum SRC in accordance with Table 2.

Type PC, Styles FS, FW, WC1, and WH Water Coolers

Standard Rating Capacity, Minimum Size Designation Size Designation Size Designation Size Designation Size Designation
1 21 3 1 4 5
gallons/hour 2.8 5.01 7.01 10.0 13.5
liter/hour 10.6 18.91 26.51 37.9 51.1
1Style WC water coolers limited to Sizes 2 and 3.

Type RT, Styles CM, WH, and WI Water Coolers

Standard Rating Capacity, Minimum Size Designation 1 Size Designation 1 Size Designation 1 Size Designation1
3 4 5 7
gallons/hour 7.0 10.0 13.5 19.0
liter/hour 26.5 37.9 51.1 71.9
1Capacity refer to the capacity of the (separate) cooling unit and not to each individual fountain.

5. REQUIREMENTS: Products furnished under this specification shall meet or exceed the following requirements:


5.1.1. All water coolers shall be new, unused, and a currently standard product of an established manufacturer except for such deviations as may be required by this specification.

5.1.2. Water coolers shall present a neat, well-finished appearance inside and outside and shall be free of all imperfections and/or defects which might affect appearance, normal life, or serviceability, or user safety.

5.1.3. Units shall be shipped complete, fully assembled, charged with refrigerant and oil, and ready for immediate unpacking and installation.

5.1.4. All materials and components shall be inherently corrosion resistant, or shall be suitably treated to resist corrosion.

5.1.5. Parts and components not specifically mentioned in this specification, but which are required to provide a complete operating unit or which are standard for the model bid, shall be included as part of the equipment furnished.

5.1.6. Details not specifically defined herein shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard commercial practice for products of this type.

5.2. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Water coolers shall consist of water circulation, refrigeration, storage, dispensing, and disposal components, a frame or chassis (or integral frame unit), a cabinet, and all required wiring, tubing, controls, safety devices, plumbing connections, and installation hardware to provide a completely self-contained, fully functional unit. Units shall be designed for easy access to all components which may require inspection, maintenance, or service without disconnecting service lines or drain connections.

5.2.1. Refrigeration and Storage System: The refrigeration system shall include a hermetically sealed motor-compressor, evaporator, condenser, pre-cooler (if used), storage system (Type RT), and all required tubing. The refrigerant used shall meet the requirements of ANSI/UL 399 and shall be readily available from Commercial Vendors. The motor-compressor shall be designed to meet the rated capacity of the water cooler and shall be equipped with an automatic reset thermal overload protector. It shall be permanently sealed in oil, shall require no additional lubrication, and shall be suitably mounted within the cabinet to provide vibration isolation and quiet operation. The evaporator shall be of a tube-on-tube, a tube-on-tank, or a tube-in-tank design. If a tube-in-tank design is used, two walls of metal shall separate the liquid in the evaporator from the potable water. The condenser shall be air or liquid cooled. The pre-cooler (if used) shall have two walls of metal separating the potable water from the waste water. The potable water tube or pipe shall always be on the outside of the waste water pipe. An automatic temperature control device shall be provided with the system. The device shall be adjustable to provide a range of drinking water temperatures from 45 ° F (7.2 ° C) to 55 ° F (12.8 ° C). A cold water storage system or reservoir shall be provided for the Type RT water cooler. The storage reservoir shall be a stainless steel or copper tank or the storage system shall be of the copper tube type. This cold water storage system or reservoir shall have a capacity of at least one quart for sizes 3 and 4 and minimum of two gallons for sizes 5 and 7.

5.2.2. Housing and Other Components: The water cooler housing shall include a frame or chassis (or integral frame unit), and a cabinet. Other components shall include, but shall not be limited to, inlet water storage and a drain tray (Type BT water coolers) or basin top (Type PB water coolers), cool water storage (Type RT), and grilles. The cabinet shall be rigid and of sufficient strength to support and maintain the alignment of all components. The cabinet shall provide for adequate ventilation of all internal components. No internal component shall be attached to or supported by any removable cabinet access panel. The exterior panels shall be of minimum 22 gauge corrosion-resistant metal. Type BT, Free-standing Type PB, and inside wall-mounted (WI) Style remote Type RT water coolers shall be totally enclosed on all four sides. Grilles and static and forced air condenser fins shall be considered as enclosures on BT or RT type units. All other water coolers shall be enclosed on the front and both sides. Type BT water coolers shall be designed for use with a five-gallon water bottle (not included - see Option 5.7.5.), and shall be equipped with a dispensing faucet and a drain tray. The dispensing faucet and the drain tray shall be mounted on front panel of the cabinet. The drain tray shall be designed to catch and drain spilled water into an easily accessible, removable receptacle of at least 1.0 liquid quart (0.95 liter) capacity. Type PB water coolers shall have a one-piece, polished stainless steel basin top designed to catch, prevent splashing of, and drain spilled water from the drinking water stream. The basin top shall have solid, rounded corners and shall overlap the water cooler cabinet. It shall be equipped with an integral drain, a strainer, and a bubbler. The basin top of water coolers designed for installation in contact with a wall shall be designed to prevent overflow water from spilling onto the wall. The PB, Style WC units shall be designed so that the distance from the front edge of the basin to the wall is not greater than 19.0" (48.3 cm). Type RT, Style WI water coolers or chiller shall have a grille of either stainless steel or corrosion-resistant steel, at the option of the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids.

Note: Type RT water coolers are not furnished with fountains; these must be ordered separately if required.

5.2.3. Dispensing and Flow Control Devices: All water coolers except Type RT coolers, shall be equipped with a dispensing device and a self-closing valve. Type BT water coolers shall be equipped with a push-button or lever operated dispensing faucet mounted on the front panel of the water cooler cabinet. Type PB water coolers shall be equipped with a hand-operated bubbler mounted on the basin top near the front of the unit. Exposed surfaces of the bubbler and control valve assembly shall be chromium-plated. The bubbler guard should be a flexible safty type. Type PB water coolers shall be equipped with an automatic flow regulator. The regulator shall be designed to prevent spurting when the unit is operated and to maintain a steady stream of drinking water at supply line pressures from 20 psig (138 kPa) to 90 psig (620 kPa). Type PB, Style WC water coolers shall be equipped with bubblers that provide a flow of water at least 4.0 inches (10.2 cm) high at 35 psig (241 kPa) and in a trajectory that is parallel, or nearly parallel, to the front of the unit. Style WC water coolers shall also be equipped with operating controls which permit operation of the unit with either hand. The controls may be levers mounted near the front of each side, front-mounted dual push buttons, or an essentially full-width front-mounted push bar which can be operated from either end or the middle. The force required to operate the controls on Type PB, Style WC wheelchair accessible water coolers shall not exceed 5.0 lbf (22.2 N).

5.2.4. Plumbing: All threaded plumbing connections shall be NPT standard taper threads. All potable water tanks, containers, piping, tubing, and fittings shall be in conformance with the applicable sections of ANSI/ARI 1010-94 and ANSI/UL 399 AND SHALL NOT IMPART OBJECTIONABLE ODORS OR TASTES TO THE WATER. METAL PIPING, TUBING, AND FITTINGS SHALL BE NONFERROUS METAL OR STAINLESS STEEL. All piping, tubing, and fittings to which external connections are to be made shall be rigidly secured to prevent damage when the connections are made.

5.2.5. Insulation: The evaporator, water storage chamber, water and refrigerant piping, and any other component which might produce condensed moisture shall be insulated.

5.2.6. Electric Service: Unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids, water coolers shall be designed for plug connection to a 115 volt (normal), 60 Hz alternating current power source and shall be equipped with a factory wired, UL-approved three-wire (grounding type) cord and plug.

5.3. FABRICATION REQUIREMENTS: Water coolers shall be fabricated from new materials and components in accordance with the best commercial practices for products of this type.

All parts shall be properly assembled and aligned, welds shall be sound, and mechanical joints shall be tight.

Moving parts and uninsulated live parts shall be suitably located, guarded, or enclosed to prevent accidental contact during use and servicing.

Units shall be clean, neatly finished, and free of sharp edges, projections, or other conditions which represent potential hazards to the user.

The exterior of the unit shall be finished in accordance with the manufacturer's standard commercial practice. Organic finish shall be evenly applied and shall be free of thin spots, runs, drips, grit and other imperfections.

5.4. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Water coolers shall meet the rating and performance requirements of ANSI/ ARI 1010-94. All measurements and rating shall be made at the rating conditions specified in the standard.

5.5. CERTIFICATION AND LISTING REQUIREMENTS: Water coolers shall be certified in accordance with ANSI/ARI 1010-94 and ANSI/UL 399. Units shall be listed in the ARI Directory of Certified Drinking Water Coolers and the appropriate UL Product listing directory.

5.6. CURRENCY OF MODELS: Unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids, products furnished under this specification shall be the manufacturer's current production model.

5.7. OPTIONS: When so specified in the Invitation for Bids, water coolers shall be furnished with the following options:

5.7.1. Glass Filler: Type PB water coolers shall be furnished with a stainless steel or chromium-plated brass glass filler, at the Manufacturer's option, unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids. The glass filler shall be equipped with a self-closing push button, push-back, or push-down control.

5.7.2. Foot Control: Floor-mounted Type PB water coolers shall be equipped with a foot-operated bubbler control rather than a hand control.

5.7.3. Hand and Foot Control: Floor-mounted Type PB water coolers shall be furnished with both hand and foot operated bubbler controls.

5.7.4. Auxiliary Bubbler: when so specified in the Invitation for Bids, Type PB water coolers shall be equipped with an auxiliary bubbler and drain to provide a dual-height installation suitable for serving children and adults (Styles FS, FW, and WH) or wheelchairs and adults (Style WC).

5.7.5. Five-gallon Bottle: Type BT water coolers shall include a five-gallon water bottle.

6. TESTING: Testing shall be done by or at the direction of, the Commission and/or the receiving State agency. Tests shall be performed on products from shipments to ordering agencies. In the event products tested fail to meet or exceed all conditions and requirements of this specification, the cost of the samples used and the cost of testing shall be borne by the supplier. Testing shall be in accordance with ANSI/ARI 1010-94 and ANSI/UL 399.

7. SAMPLES: Unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids, no prepurchase samples shall be required. Samples tested shall be taken from regular orders.

8. INSPECTION: Products furnished under this specification shall be inspected by, or at the direction of the Commission and/or the ordering State agency either at the destination or place of manufacture.

9. WARRANTY: All water coolers shall carry the manufacturer's standard warranty and shall be guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, and performance for a minimum of five (5) years. The warranty shall begin on the date of acceptance for the unit by the ordering agency. During this warranty period, the vendor shall repair or replace defective components/units at no cost to the State of Texas.

10. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Factory authorized service shall be available within the State of Texas.

10.1. Service: When so specified the Invitation for Bids, the bidder shall submit a current list of companies or individuals, and their addresses, who can perform service on the products furnished.

10.2. Parts: An adequate supply of repair parts shall be carried in stock within the State of Texas for the expected life of all products furnished under this specification.

11. INSTRUCTION BOOKS/MANUALS: The vendor shall furnish one copy of any required operating/maintenance instructions for each case delivered. The instructions shall accompany the water cooler when shipped.

11.1. Complete installation instructions, including roughing-in drawings.

11.2. Illustrated parts list.

11.3. Complete service and maintenance instructions, including schematics.

12. PACKING / PACKAGING: Packing for shipment shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard practice and in a manner readily accepted by common carriers engaged in interstate commerce. Within the shipping carton, units shall be packed in a manner designed to minimize damage during the shipment because of rough or improper handling.


13.1. MARKING: Each shipping container shall be clearly marked with the following data:

13.1.1. Name of contents.

13.1.2. Quantity contained.

13.1.3. Name and address of the manufacturer.

The container or shipping documents shall include:

13.1.4. Order number or contract number.

13.1.5. Name and address of ordering agency.

13.1.6. Agency requisition number.

13.2. LABELING: Water coolers shall be labeled as specified below:

13.2.1. Nameplate: Units shall bear a permanent nameplate in accordance with ANSI/UL 399. The nameplate shall show the following information. The manufacturer's or private labeler's name, trademark, or identifying symbol. The distinctive type or model designation for the unit. The designation shall be such that only the manufacturer's or private labeler's name and the designation number shall be required to order replacement parts for the unit. The electrical rating. The kind and amount of refrigerant in pounds-mass (kg x 2.2) and/or ounces (kg x 35.3). The factory test pressure for the high and low pressure sides. The date of manufacture (which may be in code).

13.2.2. Certification Marks: Units shall bear the ARI certification seal and the UL Listing Mark.

13.2.3. Wiring Diagram: Units intended for permanent connection to the power source shall be labeled with a wiring diagram.

13.2.4. Caution and Danger: Hazardous moving parts, uninsulated high voltage live parts, and hot parts shall be labeled in accordance with ANSI/UL 399.

14. BID LITERATURE: All bids shall be accompanied by a complete and illustrated description of the products being offered.

15. COMPLIANCE: In order for consideration to be given to the bid on an item under this specification, the bidder must comply with the following:

15.1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The make, model number, name of the manufacturer, brand or trade name, etc., as applicable, of the item which the vendor proposes to furnish must be stated as part of the bid.

15.2. EXCEPTIONS: Notwithstanding the above, any exception taken by the bidder to the requirements and conditions of this specification must be stated and described in detail as a part of the bid. If no exceptions or deviations are identified in this manner, the items must be furnished exactly as described herein.

15.3. PROOF: The bidder shall bear the burden of proof of compliance with this specification.

16. PRODUCT INFORMATION: The following table is a guide for use in selecting the capacity of water coolers. It is based upon the type of environment in which people work (See ANSI/ARI 1020-94). It is recommended that water coolers be furnished that will provide one gallon per hour of 50 ° F water for the number of personas in the following areas:

a.) 25 in offices, hospitals, schools, etc.;

b.) 15 for work such as light manufacturing;

c.) 12 for heavy manufacturing; and 10 for hot, heavy manufacturing.

The following Table 3 lists the values for various capacities of water coolers.


Application Number Served with Capacity (G/HR) of
Gallons: 3.0 5.0 7.0 10.0 13.5 16.0 19.0
Offices, schools, Hospitals, etc. 75 125 175 250 338 400 475
Light Manufacturing 45 75 105 150 203 240 285
Heavy Manufacturing 36 60 84 120 162 192 228
Hot, Heavy Manufacturing 30 50 70 100 135 160 190
Example: If you want to select a drinking fountain for approximately 70 people who work at tasks doing light physical work with some light lifting, etc., comparable to light manufacturing, you would probably want to select a water cooler with a capacity of 5 gallons per hour (of 50 ° F cooling water).

In order to determine the amount of 50 ° F cooling water that a water cooler would furnish at different inlet water and room air temperatures, the following table may be used for water coolers other than bottle type:


(Does Not Apply To Bottle Type Water Coolers)

Gallons: 3.0 5.0 7.0 10.0 13.5 16.0 19.0
Air ° F
Water ° F
Standard Rating Capacity in G/HR
70 70 4.7 7.9 11.1 15.8 21.3 25.3 30.0
70 80 3.5 5.8 8.1 11.5 15.5 18.4 21.9
70 90 2.5 4.2 5.9 8.4 11.3 13.4 16.0
80 70 4.6 7.7 10.7 15.3 20.7 24.5 29.1
80 80 3.2 5.4 7.6 10.8 14.6 17.3 20.5
80 90 2.4 4.0 5.6 8.0 10.8 12.8 15.2
90 70 4.2 7.0 9.8 14.0 18.9 22.4 26.6
90* 80* 3.0 5.0 7.0 10.0 13.5 16.0 19.0
90 90 2.3 3.8 5.3 7.5 10.1 12.0 14.3
100 70 3.8 6.3 8.8 12.5 16.9 20.0 23.8
100 80 2.8 4.6 6.4 12.4 12.4 14.7 17.5
100 90 2.0 3.3 4.6 6.5 8.8 10.4 12.4

*SRC - Standard Rating Conditions

Example: In an environment in which the ambient temperature is approximately 100 ° F and the inlet water temperature is about 90 ° F, a water cooler rated at 10 gallons per hour (at the standard rating conditions of 80 ° F inlet water and 90 ° F ambient air temperature) would only produce 6.5 gallons of water per hour with a temperature of 50 ° F.

In the example given under Table 3 above, if the conditions were that the ambient air was approximately 100 ° F in the hot summer months, and the inlet water temperature was about 90 ° F, then, using Table 4, under the 5.0 gallons per hour column, you would find that this water cooler would only produce 3.3 gallons per hour. Therefore, you might want to select the next higher capacity, say one that would produce 7.0 gallons per hour at the standard rating conditions or about 4.6 gallons per hour under these conditions.

17. ORDERING DATA: When ordering products conforming to this specification the requisitioning agency shall specify the following:

17.1. The number of this specification (225-30-01B).

17.2. The type (See Paragraph 4.1.).

17.3. The size (See Paragraph 4.3.).

17.4. The style (See Paragraph 4.2.).

17.5 Specify either stainless steel or corrosion-resistant metal grilles for inside wall style remote units, unless manufacturer's standard is acceptable (See Paragraph

17.6. Any special electrical requirements (See Paragraph 5.2.6.).

17.7. Options (See Paragraph 5.7.).

17.8. Quantity required.

18. AVAILABILITY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Copies of this specification may be obtained by calling or writing:

Bid Services
Texas Procurement and Support Services
P.O.Box 13186
Austin, TX 78711-3047
(512) 463-3416

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