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Vendor Performance FAQ

When is the appropriate time to submit a Vendor Performance Form (VPF)?

Ordering agencies must report vendor performance, whether satisfactory, unsatisfactory or exceptional, on all purchases $25,000 or more, and the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) strongly encourages reporting for purchases under $25,000. Reporting is a valuable tool to assist purchasing entities in determining best value. Reports should be entered not later than 30 days after completion of the purchase or service.

How are Vendor Performance Scores Calculated?

For CMBL vendors, the scoring system begins to actively tally the score after 10 purchase orders. Scores over two years old are not used in calculations. Each purchase order without a complaint provides a positive score of 100% for that vendor. Each negative VPF counts as a 0 in the corresponding category. The scores are averaged for each category.

Example: Ten purchase orders have been issued to a vendor. Nine purchase orders do not have associated complaints. One of the purchase orders resulted in an unsatisfactory commodity delivery. A VPF with an unsatisfactory commodity delivery has been issued. The vendor's commodity delivery score would be 90% (100+100+100+100+100+100+100+100+100+0 ÷ 10 or 900 ÷ 10). The vendor's commodity performance score would be 100 because there are no negative reports against that category.

How can I use the Vendor Performance Tracking System as part of the Best Value criteria when evaluating a bid?

A statement will need to be placed in the IFB or RFP stating that vendor past performance may be a best value evaluation factor and the Vendor Performance Tracking system could be used as part of the best value criteria. Please see the Vendor Performance Best Value Clause.

Are reports on delegated and exempt purchases included in a vendor's score listed on the CMBL?

No. The total number of delegated and exempt purchases issued through various agencies and CO-OPs cannot be accurately determined so they are not included in the score listed on the CMBL. However, the system tracks the number of unsatisfactory performance evaluations and the exceptional performance evaluations for these vendors.

When are Vendor Performance scores updated?

Vendor performance scores are updated every weekend. Delegated/exempt tallies, and exceptional performance reports are updated as soon as they are finalized. When a VPF has been entered into the system, it is moved into a 14-day hold status to allow the vendor time to respond to the report if unsatisfactory codes are included. If the vendor does not respond to a negative review on a SPD term contract, SPD will work with the vendor and agency submitting the report to achieve resolution for concerns raised.

How does a state agency submit a VPF?

Contact your supervisor, manager, or director to have an Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) super user in your agency create a user account for you. After your ESBD user account has been created, you can enter a VPF through the CPA Web Application Portal.

How does a CO-OP submit a VPF?

Email esbdsupport@cpa.state.tx.us to request access to submit a VPF. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions. After your ESBD user account has been created, you can enter a VPF through the CPA Web Application Portal.

Do I submit reports on subcontractors to the company holding a State contract? What about Memorandums of Understanding, Interagency Contracts, and Interlocal Agreements?

All of these are exempt from the requirement to submit Vendor Performance Reports.

Must I submit reports on procurements paid for with grant funds?

That depends. Grant-funded procurements are exempt from the reporting process IF the grant funds are directly used to carry out a State program or secure materials to do so. However, if the grant funds are spent for goods and services to support work required to complete the grant, Vendor Performance reporting is required. Example: purchase of vaccines paid for with grant funds for a State agency’s use to inoculate persons at a State facility is exempt from vendor performance reporting; purchase of refrigerators used to store the vaccines would not be exempt from Vendor Performance reporting.

If I make an error on a VPF and submit it, how can it be corrected?

Please send an email to vendor.performance@cpa.state.tx.us with the information below: Please do not submit a second report. That will score the vendor twice for the same issue.

  1. Date of Report
  2. Agency Name
  3. Contact Number
  4. Purchaser's Name
  5. PO Number
  6. Date of PO
  7. Vendor
  8. VID #
  9. Reason for Correction

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