Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Class Descriptions

CPA Texas Procurement Certification Training Course

The Procurement Training contains one (1) level of training consisting of four (4) consecutive training days.

Basic Public Purchasing and Advanced Public Purchasing – Three (3) days

CPA Texas Government Basic Public Purchasing (BPP)

  • Purchasing Profession Overview
  • Ethics and the Law
  • Texas Purchasing Methods
  • Sourcing Methods
  • Solicitation Methods
  • Receiving and Evaluating Bids and Proposals
  • Logistics

CPA Texas Government Advanced Public Purchasing (APP)

  • Contract Planning
  • Cost and Price Analysis
  • Specification Writing
  • State Contracting
  • Contract Administration
  • Reporting Requirements and Documentation

Negotiation Skills & Strategies – One (1) day

Negotiation Skills & Strategies (NSS)

  • Know when to negotiate
  • Learn the three (3) phases to negotiations
  • Recognize the characteristics of a skilled negotiator
  • Learn the six (6) steps of the planning process
  • Enhance skills by using negotiation strategies
  • Avoid common errors made in negotiations
  • Improve listening skills
  • Practice skills to become an effective negotiator

Important Notes:

The NSS course as part of the four day training contains an optional exemption and is only required to be taken once. This would benefit an individual that qualifies for both procurement and contract management certifications. Registration is still required and flat rate fee will apply; the exemption only excludes an individual from one day of attendance. If you have previously attended NSS or will register for both procurement and contract management courses, please contact TCP to make arrangements to be excluded from the one day NSS course.

The CPA Texas Procurement Certification Training meets the requirement of public purchasing personnel required to attend BPP within their first six (6) months of employment with the State of Texas.

Required Plug-ins

In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 855, which requires state agencies to publish a list of the three most commonly used Web browsers on their websites. The Texas Comptroller’s most commonly used Web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.