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Training Class Descriptions

Governing Bodies Webinar Training SB 1681

Provide Governing Bodies with an understanding of the ethical and professional responsibilities related to State of Texas Purchasers and Contract Managers entering into contracts and oversight of awarded contracts.

  • CPA TPASS resources available to state agencies.
  • Requirements or goals contained in the State of Texas Contract Management Guide to improve contracting practices in the state.
  • State agencies requirements to comply with legal statutes, administrative rules and audit procedures; procurement method and contract source selection.

CPA Texas Government Contract Management - Two (2) day class (16 hours)

Managing a contract after it is awarded can be a highly complicated endeavor. A Contract Manager is responsible for coordinating the processes required for effective contract management. Contract Management is about planning, forming, and administering contracts. This class will provide state contract managers with information on how to include provisions in a contract that hold the contractor accountable for results, monitor and enforce a contract, make payments consistent with the contract; and comply with any requirements or goals contained in the State of Texas Contract Management Guide.

Topics covered:

  • Contract Management Overview
  • Project Planning
  • Planning the Contract
  • Preparing the Proposal
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Changes
  • Contract Closeout

CPA Texas Government Project Management - Two (2) day class (16 hours)

Contract management and project management are inherently intertwined. This class is designed to provide you, as a state contract manager, with a basic understanding and working knowledge of each discipline's core elements and competencies that are vital to the success of any contract.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Measuring and Controlling Project Performance
  • Project Closeout

Negotiation Skills and Strategies Two (2) Day Class (16 hours)

The purpose of this workshop is to help contract managers and other government employees learn negotiation skills and strategies. Often government contract managers fail to utilize this important tool in getting the best value for their agency because they do not have the necessary negotiation skills. The workshop contains lecture and discussion; as well as role play exercises and case studies. After completing the workshop, students should be able to go the negotiation table with confidence and come away with a collaborative solution that makes sense for everyone involved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know when to negotiate
  • Learn the three (3) phases to negotiations
  • Recognize the characteristics of a skilled negotiator
  • Learn the six (6) steps of the planning process
  • Enhance skills by using negotiation strategies
  • Avoid common errors made in negotiations
  • Improve listening skills
  • Practice skills to become an effective negotiator
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