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Standard Procurement or Contract Management Training. CEH’s in this training type cannot exceed 36 CEH’s per certification year.

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CheckmarkCollege courses regarding procurement or contract management

CheckmarkMeetings of Procurement Agencies, Organizations, Committees, or Councils

CheckmarkTraining from procurement and/or contract management National Organizations


CheckmarkSpecific Procurement or Contract Management related Ethics training

PLEASE NOTE: A good indication that training can be classified as standard procurement or contract management related training is the presence of the words "Procurement“, "Purchasing", “Buying“, “Contracting”, “Negotiating” in the training title. Only 1 “Same Named” class/webinar/video/conference is permitted per certification year. Regardless of your certification type…Standard training can be either procurement or contract management related.

Other sources of contract management training include colleges, universities, state agencies and not-for-profit educational groups such as those listed below.

In addition to any continuing education courses offered by the SPD, we suggest the following courses:

College level courses related to procurement activities.

One (1) 3 Semester Hour College level course (16 CEH’s) related to procurement or contract management activities can be used over the 5 year certification period. Academic classes such as:

  • Accounting (e.g., general accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting)
  • Communication (e.g., written communication, public speaking, organizational communication)
  • Computers (e.g., management information systems, data processing)
  • Contracts (e.g., contract administration, contract negotiations, contract management, cost and price analysis)
  • Economics (e.g., managerial economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics)
  • Ethics (e.g., business ethics)
  • Finance (e.g., business finance, governmental finance, financial management)
  • Law (e.g., business law, contract law, legal environment of business)
  • Management (e.g., organization theory, organ. behavior, public admin., project mgmt., corporate policy)
  • Personnel (e.g., personnel management, performance appraisal, employee development)
  • Purchasing/Materials Management (e.g., purchasing management, materials management, inventory control)
  • Quantitative Methods (e.g., business statistics, quantitative analysis, production operations management)
  • Transportation (e.g., physical distribution, traffic management, logistics)