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Group/Meeting Planning Services Information

SSSD discontinued the Group Meeting Planning services effective April 1, 2003. Therefore, the contents of this page are being provided for informational and reference purposes. State agencies need to follow State and internal procedures to secure group meeting planning services.

State Facilities for Meetings, Conferences, and Examinations. A state agency shall use state-owned or state-occupied facilities for meetings, conferences, and administration of group examinations and may not use appropriated money to lease private facilities for these purposes unless state facilities are not available when needed, are not adequate to accommodate the meeting, conference, or examination, or are not an economically favorable alternative to other facilities." Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 1498, § 4, eff. Sept. 1, 1999. Title 10 Chapter 2113 Section 106

Below is a sample meeting specifications form state agencies may use as a guide in handling their group meeting planning functions. Also, to further assist state agencies the STMP has provided a listing of Convention and Visitor's Bureaus (CVB) located in State of Texas cities (see below). For questions, please call the STMP at (512) 463-3435.

Meeting Specification Form (PDF)


To determine if a state or commercial facility is adequate, state agencies should look at all aspects of the meeting or conference. Some factors to consider are:

  • Lodging accommodations (would these impose transportation costs from hotel to state building?);
  • Overall cost;
  • Ample parking at the state facility;
  • After hours access to the state facility;
  • Approved food functions;
  • Mission of the meeting (i.e., those that would require a secluded facility); and,
  • Profile of attendees.
  • Remember a cancellation clause is a negotiation point.


State Agencies may use this list of in-state Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) to supplement the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) at the discretion of their entity director. Reminder: State Purchasing laws and procedures must be followed.

Abilene CVB 1-800-727-7704
Amarillo CVB 1-800-692-1338
Arlington CVB 1-800-433-5374
Austin CVB 1-800-926-2282
Beaumont CVB 1-800-392-4401
Brownsville CVB 1-956-554-0700
Bryan-College Station CVB 1-800-777-8292
Corpus Christi CVB 1-800-678-6232 ext. 314
El Paso CVB 1-800-351-6024
Farmers Branch CVB (PDF) 1-800-272-6249
Fort Worth CVB 1-800-433-5747
Fredericksburg CVB 1-888-997-3600
Galveston CVB 1-866-505-4456
Grapevine CVB 1-800-457-6338 ext. 190
Houston CVB 1-800-4-HOUSTON
Huntsville CVB 1-800-289-0389
Irving CVB 1-800-247-8464 ext. 115
Laredo CVB 1-800-361-3360
Lubbock CVB 1-800-692-4035
McAllen CVB 1-956-682-2871
Midland CVB 1-800-624-6435
Odessa CVB 1-800-780-4678
Plano CVB 1-800-817-5266
San Angelo CoC 1-328-655-4136
San Antonio CVB 1-800-447-3372 ext. 6850
Waco CVB 1-800-321-9226
Wichita Falls CVB 1-940-716-5500


Washington, DC CTC 1-202-789-7000
Las Vegas CVA 1-877-847-4858
Atlanta CVB 1-404-521-6600
San Diego CVB 1-619-232-3101
Nashville CVB 1-800-657-6910
New Orleans CVB 1-800-672-6124
Chicago CTB 1-312-567-8500
Orlando CVB 1-800-972-3304
New York City & Company 1-212-245-5943
Indianapolis CVA 1-800-323-4639


State Conference Room Reservation Line 512-463-3354
Centralized Master Bidders List 512-463-3416
Comptroller's Expenditure,
Research, and Assistance Division
Comptroller's Tax Policy Division 512-463-3688

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