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Refund Policy

The fee paid by a vendor for registration on the CMBL maintained by Texas Procurement and Support Services may be refunded, less a service charge in an amount not to exceed $10.00 as determined by TPASS costs of processing, in the event that (i) the vendor's application for registration is rejected or (ii) the vendor withdraws the application. Refunds will not be issued to vendors that have been removed from the CMBL due to suspension or debarment. TPASS shall determine if a refund is warranted and if the requirements listed below are met.


1. A written request for a refund must be submitted by the vendor. The request must include the business name, address, and Federal Tax Identification Number, the reason for the refund request, and the amount of refund requested, as follows:

  • Upon receipt of notice of the rejection of an application for registration, a vendor shall have a period of 15 days to re-submit a corrected application or to provide such additional information as may be required to complete the application. If no acceptable application is received by TPASS in the time allowed, no further action will be taken on the application by TPASS and a vendor desiring a refund must submit the required written request for refund no later than 30 days after the notice of rejection.
  • An application for registration may be withdrawn by vendor within 10 working days after submission to TPASS. The vendor must submit a written request for refund within 10 working days after withdrawal of the application if payment of the fee was made by check or online by credit card or automatic check debit during the online registration.

2. Refund requests will be considered to have been submitted in writing if transmitted to TPASS by using the following methods:

  • U.S. mail to TPASS at P.O. Box 13186, Austin TX 78711-3047 or Fax to CMBL at (512) 936-2625. Such requests must be on company letterhead and signed by the company owner, partner, or authorized corporate officer and otherwise comply with the online registration payment instructions.
  • E-mail to e.cmbl@cpa.texas.gov with the subject line stating "Refund," provided the email originates from an e-mail box with the company domain name (i.e. @companyname.com) and not from a public e-mail service (i.e. @hotmail.com).

3. Refund Processes:

  • Refunds by Check: If TPASS determines that the refund requirements have been met, a request for warrant payment will be submitted to the Comptroller of Public Accounts within 30 working days after receipt of the refund request to insure clearance of the check. The refund process may be expedited by providing a copy of the cancelled check (front and back) which will facilitate a wire transfer for direct deposit of the refund. Refund warrants to vendors will be forwarded by U.S. mail to the vendor's address reflected by the records of TPASS.
  • Refunds by Electronic Check Debit: Refunds will be processed by TPASS by a request for warrant through the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Allow ten (10) days for processing.
  • Credit Card Refunds: Credit card refunds will be processed through the specific credit card company. Due to third party involvement the average processing time is ten (10) business days which can be varied up to 30 days depending on the credit card used for payment.
Required Plug-ins

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