Other TPASS Managed Contracts

The following purchase orders or contracts have been posted to this web site for use by active CPA Co-Op entities. To use these purchase orders or contracts, the active CPA Co-Op entity must follow applicable statutes, rules, policies and procedures related to entering into an interlocal agreement. The CPA has posted these purchase orders or contracts for informational purposes only. The CPA is not responsible for errors or omissions in the bidding or award process used by the originating entity, and does not accept any responsibility for content or use. If you are a member of the CPA Co-Op and would like to post your interlocal purchase orders or contracts to this page for other active CPA Co-Op entities to use, please contact the CPA Co-Op via e-mail at coop@cpa.state.tx.us or by phone at 512/463-3368. Your e-mail should contain a statement that you wish to post a contract to the CPA Co-Op Clearinghouse and must include the URL of the document to be posted.

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