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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Specialized Services

Post bids online for free:
As part of the State of Texas CO-OP membership, local governments have access to the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) to post their solicitations at no cost.

Contracts Established for Local Governments

Combine forces:
State purchasers work with several local entities to set up contracts for items and services key to local government needs, including School Buses, Playground and Park Equipment, law enforcement supplies and more.

Services and Tools for Texas Local Governments

There are many ways that local governments can leverage the state's purchasing power to save time and money for their procurement needs. This is especially relevant in a time when many local government entities are working with limited resources.

State of Texas CO-OP

Members can purchase goods and services from state term and TXMAS contracts. Using these contracts through the State of Texas CO-OP will meet your competitive bidding requirements. Over 1,900 CO-OP members currently leverage the state's purchasing system for their procurement needs. Learn how to become a member and take advantage of the purchasing opportunities that will help your community save resources. Read more about State of Texas CO-OP Purchasing.

Opportunities for All Local Governments

In addition to State of Texas CO-OP purchasing opportunities, local governments can benefit from the reengineering of state services led by the Council on Competitive Government (CCG). The CCG contracts take on complex service delivery issues, ranging from processing of mail to print shop bidding to management of energy procurements and others.  Local governments automatically satisfy competitive bidding requirements when participating in a CCG contract, and many contracts are actively utilized today by local partners. See a list of awarded statewide services through CCG.

Partnership with the State

The Comptroller's office encourages partnership between state and local government to increase governmental efficiencies through leveraged purchasing power. This in turn helps to save taxpayer dollars statewide. If your local government entity identifies new contract leveraging opportunities and would like to contact the state's strategic sourcing team to discuss partnership opportunities, you can submit a contact form.

TxSmartBuy Online Ordering System

The TxSmartBuy logoTxSmartBuy online shopping tool connects agencies and CO-OP members with vendors via an online store. State and local government employees can search TxSmartBuy for items they need. Anyone can look at items offered in the system. State agency purchasers and local government purchasers who belong to the State of Texas CO-OP can place orders in the system.

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