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2010 Annual HUB Report - Consolidated Report by Agency

101.cons.txt 101_cons.pdf       101   TEXAS SENATE
102.cons.txt 102_cons.pdf       102   HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
103.cons.txt 103_cons.pdf       103   TEXAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL
104.cons.txt 104_cons.pdf       104   LEGISLATIVE BUDGET BOARD
105.cons.txt 105_cons.pdf       105   LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE LIBRARY
107.cons.txt 107_cons.pdf       107   COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
116.cons.txt 116_cons.pdf       116   SUNSET ADVISORY COMMISSION
201.cons.txt 201_cons.pdf       201   SUPREME COURT
211.cons.txt 211_cons.pdf       211   COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS
212.cons.txt 212_cons.pdf       212   OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION
213.cons.txt 213_cons.pdf       213   OFFICE OF STATE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY
221.cons.txt 221_cons.pdf       221   COURT OF APPEALS - 1ST COURT
222.cons.txt 222_cons.pdf       222   COURT OF APPEALS - SECOND COURT
223.cons.txt 223_cons.pdf       223   COURT OF APPEALS - THIRD COURT
224.cons.txt 224_cons.pdf       224   COURT OF APPEALS - FOURTH COURT
225.cons.txt 225_cons.pdf       225   COURT OF APPEALS - FIFTH COURT
226.cons.txt 226_cons.pdf       226   COURT OF APPEALS - SIXTH COURT
227.cons.txt 227_cons.pdf       227   COURT OF APPEALS - SEVENTH COURT
228.cons.txt 228_cons.pdf       228   COURT OF APPEALS - EIGHTH COURT
229.cons.txt 229_cons.pdf       229   COURT OF APPEALS - NINTH COURT
230.cons.txt 230_cons.pdf       230   COURT OF APPEALS - TENTH
231.cons.txt 231_cons.pdf       231   COURT OF APPEALS - ELEVENTH COURT
232.cons.txt 232_cons.pdf       232   COURT OF APPEALS - TWELFTH COURT
234.cons.txt 234_cons.pdf       234   FOURTEENTH COURT OF APPEALS
242.cons.txt 242_cons.pdf       242   COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT
243.cons.txt 243_cons.pdf       243   STATE LAW LIBRARY
300.cons.txt 300_cons.pdf       300   OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR - FISCAL
301.cons.txt 301_cons.pdf       301   OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR
302.cons.txt 302_cons.pdf       302   OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL
303.cons.txt 303_cons.pdf       303   TEXAS FACILITIES COMMISSION
304.cons.txt 304_cons.pdf       304   COMPTROLLER OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS
305.cons.txt 305_cons.pdf       305   GENERAL LAND OFFICE
306.cons.txt 306_cons.pdf       306   TEXAS STATE LIBRARY & ARCHIVES COMM
307.cons.txt 307_cons.pdf       307   SECRETARY OF STATE
308.cons.txt 308_cons.pdf       308   STATE AUDITOR'S OFFICE
311.cons.txt 311_cons.pdf       311   FISCAL REPORTING - TREASURY
312.cons.txt 312_cons.pdf       312   STATE SECURITIES BOARD
313.cons.txt 313_cons.pdf       313   DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION RESOURCES
315.cons.txt 315_cons.pdf       315   TEXAS TOMORROW FUND
320.cons.txt 320_cons.pdf       320   TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION
323.cons.txt 323_cons.pdf       323   TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM
325.cons.txt 325_cons.pdf       325   FIRE FIGHTERS' PENSION COMMISSIONER
327.cons.txt 327_cons.pdf       327   EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM
329.cons.txt 329_cons.pdf       329   REAL ESTATE COMMISSION
332.cons.txt 332_cons.pdf       332   TX DEPT OF HOUSING & COMM AFFAIRS
333.cons.txt 333_cons.pdf       333   STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS, OFFICE OF
337.cons.txt 337_cons.pdf       337   BOARD OF TAX PROFESSIONAL EXAMINERS
338.cons.txt 338_cons.pdf       338   STATE PENSION REVIEW BOARD
347.cons.txt 347_cons.pdf       347   TEXAS PUBLIC FINANCE AUTHORITY
352.cons.txt 352_cons.pdf       352   TEXAS BOND REVIEW BOARD
356.cons.txt 356_cons.pdf       356   TEXAS ETHICS COMMISSION
357.cons.txt 357_cons.pdf       357   TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF RURAL AFFAIRS
359.cons.txt 359_cons.pdf       359   OFFICE OF PUBLIC INSURANCE COUNSEL
360.cons.txt 360_cons.pdf       360   STATE OFC OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS
362.cons.txt 362_cons.pdf       362   TEXAS LOTTERY COMMISSION
364.cons.txt 364_cons.pdf       364   HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL
370.cons.txt 370_cons.pdf       370   RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION COMMISSION
401.cons.txt 401_cons.pdf       401   ADJUTANT GENERAL DEPARTMENT
403.cons.txt 403_cons.pdf       403   TEXAS VETERANS COMMISSION
405.cons.txt 405_cons.pdf       405   DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY
407.cons.txt 407_cons.pdf       407   TEXAS COMMISSION ON LAW ENFORCEMENT
409.cons.txt 409_cons.pdf       409   COMMISSION ON JAIL STANDARDS
411.cons.txt 411_cons.pdf       411   TX COMMISSION OF FIRE PROTECTION
448.cons.txt 448_cons.pdf       448   OFFICE OF INJURED EMPLOYEE COUNSEL
450.cons.txt 450_cons.pdf       450   DEPT OF SAVINGS AND MORTGAGE LENDING
451.cons.txt 451_cons.pdf       451   DEPARTMENT OF BANKING
452.cons.txt 452_cons.pdf       452   DEPT OF LICENSING & REGULATION
454.cons.txt 454_cons.pdf       454   TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE
455.cons.txt 455_cons.pdf       455   RAILROAD COMMISSION
456.cons.txt 456_cons.pdf       456   BOARD OF PLUMBING EXAMINERS
457.cons.txt 457_cons.pdf       457   STATE BOARD OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY
458.cons.txt 458_cons.pdf       458   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION
459.cons.txt 459_cons.pdf       459   TX BOARD OF ARCHITECTURAL EXAMINERS
460.cons.txt 460_cons.pdf       460   TEXAS BOARD OF PROF. ENGINEERS
464.cons.txt 464_cons.pdf       464   TEXAS BOARD OF LAND SURVEYING
466.cons.txt 466_cons.pdf       466   CONSUMER CREDIT COMMISSIONER
469.cons.txt 469_cons.pdf       469   CREDIT UNION DEPARTMENT
473.cons.txt 473_cons.pdf       473   PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION OF TEXAS
475.cons.txt 475_cons.pdf       475   OFFICE OF PUBLIC UTILITY COUNSEL
476.cons.txt 476_cons.pdf       476   TEXAS RACING COMMISSION
477.cons.txt 477_cons.pdf       477   COMM/STATE EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION
479.cons.txt 479_cons.pdf       479   STATE OFFICE OF RISK MANAGEMENT
481.cons.txt 481_cons.pdf       481   TEXAS BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL GEOSCIEN
503.cons.txt 503_cons.pdf       503   TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD
504.cons.txt 504_cons.pdf       504   BOARD OF DENTAL EXAMINERS
506.cons.txt 506_cons.pdf       506   UT M D ANDERSON CANCER CENTER
507.cons.txt 507_cons.pdf       507   BOARD OF NURSE EXAMINERS
508.cons.txt 508_cons.pdf       508   BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINERS
512.cons.txt 512_cons.pdf       512   TX STATE BOARD OF PODIATRIC MED EXAM
513.cons.txt 513_cons.pdf       513   TEXAS FUNERAL SERVICE COMMISSION
514.cons.txt 514_cons.pdf       514   TEXAS OPTOMETRY BOARD
515.cons.txt 515_cons.pdf       515   TEXAS STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY
520.cons.txt 520_cons.pdf       520   BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF PSYCHOLOGISTS
529.cons.txt 529_cons.pdf       529   HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION
530.cons.txt 530_cons.pdf       530   DEPT FAMILY AND PROTECTIVE SERVICES
533.cons.txt 533_cons.pdf       533   EXEC CNCL OF PHYSICAL & OCC THERAPY
537.cons.txt 537_cons.pdf       537   DEPARTMENT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES
538.cons.txt 538_cons.pdf       538   DEPT OF ASSISTIVE AND REHAB SVCS
539.cons.txt 539_cons.pdf       539   DEPT OF AGING AND DISABILITY SVCS
542.cons.txt 542_cons.pdf       542   CANCER PREVENTION AND RESEARCH
551.cons.txt 551_cons.pdf       551   DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
554.cons.txt 554_cons.pdf       554   Texas Animal Health Commission
555.cons.txt 555_cons.pdf       555   Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
556.cons.txt 556_cons.pdf       556   Texas A&M AgriLife Research
557.cons.txt 557_cons.pdf       557   TX VETERINARY MED DIAGNOSTIC LAB
576.cons.txt 576_cons.pdf       576   TEXAS FOREST SERVICE
578.cons.txt 578_cons.pdf       578   BOARD OF VETERINARY MED EXAMINERS
580.cons.txt 580_cons.pdf       580   TEXAS WATER DEVELOPMENT BOARD
582.cons.txt 582_cons.pdf       582   TEXAS COMM. ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY
592.cons.txt 592_cons.pdf       592   SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION BOARD
601.cons.txt 601_cons.pdf       601   TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
608.cons.txt 608_cons.pdf       608   Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
665.cons.txt 665_cons.pdf       665   TEXAS JUVENILE PROBATION COMMISSION
694.cons.txt 694_cons.pdf       694   Texas Youth Commission
696.cons.txt 696_cons.pdf       696   TEXAS DEPT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE
701.cons.txt 701_cons.pdf       701   TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY
709.cons.txt 709_cons.pdf       709   TEXAS A&M HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER
710.cons.txt 710_cons.pdf       710   The Texas A&M University System
711.cons.txt 711_cons.pdf       711   TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY (MAIN UNIV)
712.cons.txt 712_cons.pdf       712   TX ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION
713.cons.txt 713_cons.pdf       713   TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY
714.cons.txt 714_cons.pdf       714   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON
715.cons.txt 715_cons.pdf       715   PRAIRIE VIEW A & M UNIVERSITY
716.cons.txt 716_cons.pdf       716   TEXAS ENGINEERING EXTENSION SERVICE
717.cons.txt 717_cons.pdf       717   TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY
718.cons.txt 718_cons.pdf       718   TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY AT GALVESTON
719.cons.txt 719_cons.pdf       719   TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE
720.cons.txt 720_cons.pdf       720   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM
721.cons.txt 721_cons.pdf       721   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN
723.cons.txt 723_cons.pdf       723   University of Texas Medical Branch
724.cons.txt 724_cons.pdf       724   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO
727.cons.txt 727_cons.pdf       727   TEXAS TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE
729.cons.txt 729_cons.pdf       729   UT SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL CTR/DALLAS
730.cons.txt 730_cons.pdf       730   UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON
731.cons.txt 731_cons.pdf       731   TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY
732.cons.txt 732_cons.pdf       732   TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY - KINGSVILLE
733.cons.txt 733_cons.pdf       733   TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY
734.cons.txt 734_cons.pdf       734   LAMAR UNIVERSITY - BEAUMONT
735.cons.txt 735_cons.pdf       735   MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY
736.cons.txt 736_cons.pdf       736   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS - PAN AMERICAN
737.cons.txt 737_cons.pdf       737   ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY
738.cons.txt 738_cons.pdf       738   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS
739.cons.txt 739_cons.pdf       739   TX TECH UNIV HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER
742.cons.txt 742_cons.pdf       742   UNIV OF TEX OF THE PERMIAN BASIN
743.cons.txt 743_cons.pdf       743   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO
744.cons.txt 744_cons.pdf       744   UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER - HOUSTON
745.cons.txt 745_cons.pdf       745   UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER-SAN ANTONIO
747.cons.txt 747_cons.pdf       747   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT BROWNSVILLE
749.cons.txt 749_cons.pdf       749   TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - SAN ANTONIO
750.cons.txt 750_cons.pdf       750   UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER
751.cons.txt 751_cons.pdf       751   TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY - COMMERCE
752.cons.txt 752_cons.pdf       752   UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS
753.cons.txt 753_cons.pdf       753   SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY
754.cons.txt 754_cons.pdf       754   TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY - SAN MARCOS
755.cons.txt 755_cons.pdf       755   STEPHEN F AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY
756.cons.txt 756_cons.pdf       756   SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY
757.cons.txt 757_cons.pdf       757   WEST TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY
758.cons.txt 758_cons.pdf       758   TX STATE UNIV SYST BOARD OF REGENTS
759.cons.txt 759_cons.pdf       759   UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON - CLEAR LAKE
760.cons.txt 760_cons.pdf       760   TEXAS A & M UNIV - CORPUS CHRISTI
761.cons.txt 761_cons.pdf       761   TEXAS A & M INTN'L UNIVERSITY
763.cons.txt 763_cons.pdf       763   UNT HEALTH SCIENCE CTR AT FORT WORTH
764.cons.txt 764_cons.pdf       764   TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-TEXARKANA
765.cons.txt 765_cons.pdf       765   University of Houston-Victoria
768.cons.txt 768_cons.pdf       768   TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY / SYSTEM
769.cons.txt 769_cons.pdf       769   UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS/SYSTEM ADM
770.cons.txt 770_cons.pdf       770   TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - CENTRAL TEXAS
771.cons.txt 771_cons.pdf       771   SCHOOL/BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED
772.cons.txt 772_cons.pdf       772   SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF
781.cons.txt 781_cons.pdf       781   TX HIGHER EDUCATION COORD BOARD
783.cons.txt 783_cons.pdf       783   UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON / SYSTEM
784.cons.txt 784_cons.pdf       784   UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON - DOWNTOWN
785.cons.txt 785_cons.pdf       785   UNIV OF TEXAS HEALTH CENTER AT TYLER
787.cons.txt 787_cons.pdf       787   LAMAR STATE COLLEGE - ORANGE
788.cons.txt 788_cons.pdf       788   LAMAR STATE COLLEGE - PORT ARTHUR
789.cons.txt 789_cons.pdf       789   LAMAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
802.cons.txt 802_cons.pdf       802   PARKS AND WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT
808.cons.txt 808_cons.pdf       808   TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION
809.cons.txt 809_cons.pdf       809   STATE PRESERVATION BOARD
813.cons.txt 813_cons.pdf       813   TEXAS COMMISSION ON THE ARTS
902.cons.txt 902_cons.pdf       902   COMPTROLLER / FISCAL
907.cons.txt 907_cons.pdf       907   STATE ENERGY CONSERVATION OFFICE