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Texas Multiple Award Schedules (TXMAS) Index

The TXMAS (Texas Multiple Award Schedule) Program adapts existing competitively awarded government contracts to the procurement needs of the State of Texas. Some TXMAS contracts can be accessed through TxSmartBuy. If a contractor has duplicate catalogs available -- one for term, one for TXMAS -- state agency purchasers should use term contracts first. To order TXMAS items/services not yet in TxSmartBuy, please send a purchase order directly to the TXMAS contractor or one of their TXMAS-authorized dealers. For IT/IS TXMAS contracts, view the Department of Information Resources (DIR) list of TXMAS contracts.

Per the Texas Prison Made Goods Act (Government Code 497.024 and 497.025), Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) manufactures goods, and provides services to state and local government agencies, public educational systems and other tax-supported entities. State agencies are required to purchase from TCI, unless their purchasing needs meet available exceptions — see the State Procurement Manual for clarification. State Agencies (excluding State Universities) are required to provide their specifications and delivery timeframes to TCI prior to utilization of this TXMAS contract. If TCI determines they are unable to fill the requisition, this contract may be utilized. For ordering from TCI please go to

State Agencies should follow the TXMAS Purchasing Procedures (PDF) and list PCC X on TXMAS purchase orders per Procurement Manual 2.91.

Contractors should report all contract purchases to TPASS via the Statewide Contractor Reporting System.

To determine geographic regions for supply and delivery, view a List of Cities and Counties by Zone, Area or Highway District.

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