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02/2009 THRU 05/2014

For further information contact the Contract Management Team at (512) 463-3034 or e-mail at

The Texas Correctional Industries has provided waivers regarding the printing
of the forms included in this contract. Please print out and include in
procurement file. 
The Council on Competitive Government (CCG) confirms that the State Print Shops cannot meet the requirements of this contract; therefore, State Agencies are not required to process solicitations for forms meeting the criteria of this contract through the CCG State Approved Print Shop Program.
TCI Waivers (PDF) Helpful Tips for Ordering Custom Forms in TxSmartBuy (PDF) NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: The following features may be added as a separate item on the purchase order and related vendor's invoice per customer's request: -Section 1.9 - Inside Delivery Flat Rate: $96.00 -Section 2.7(C) - Special Bindery Work: Agreed Upon Net Charge -Section 2.8(A) - Regular Proofs Or Positive Overlays Exceeding Three (3) Sets: $20.00 Per Set -Section 2.13(B)- Special Packaging (i.e. Shrink Wrapping, String Tying: Agreed Upon Net Charge. Documents referenced throughout the contract: DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS (PDF) PRICE SCHEDULE (PDF) Section 1 - 1.1 DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT: 966-N2 Printing - Custom Printed Continuous/Tractor Fed (i.e. checks, etc.) and Snap-Out Forms 1.2 TYPE: Non-Automated discount-from-list. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH TXSMART BUY ONLINE PURCHASING SYSTEM. 1.3 TERM OF CONTRACT: September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012
Renewal Term: September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 Contract Extension: September 1, 2013 through November 30, 2013 Contract Extension: December 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014 Contract Extension: March 1, 2014 through May 31, 2014 The renewal options will be done in writing and at the State's exclusive option. 1.4 MINIMUM ORDER: 5,000 forms. Quantities must be ordered in multiples of 1,000. 1.6 ZONE: This is a statewide contract. 1.7 EXPEDITED PAYMENT DISCOUNT: 2% if paid in 10 days 1.8 FREIGHT/SHIPPING INFORMATION: Discount includes F.O.B. destination, Freight Prepaid and Allowed which includes freight; handling/delivery; fuel surcharges; and any other transportation related fees. 1.9 DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS AFTER RECEIPT OF PURCHASE ORDER (ARO): Normal delivery time for most Customers is Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. (CST) except for State and/or Federal Holidays. Delivery destination will be indicated on each purchase order. Delivery shall be accompanied by a signed delivery ticket with the followiNG information: a, Company Name b. Date c. Item(s) e. Quantity Delivered f. Driver's Signature g. Customer Receiving Personnel Signature A. FORMS WITHOUT PROOFING: 45 calendar days B. PROOFS AND/OR CARBON DUMMIES: Must be delivered within 14 calendar days C. DELIVERY OF ORDERS FROM DATE OF MUTUAL APPROVAL OF PROOF AND/OR CARBON DUMMY: 32 calendar days D. SPECIAL FEATURES: 10 calendar days will be added to shipment time for features as outlined in the Section 2.1, Specifications, such as: Magnetic Ink Bar Codes OCR Printing Strip and Spot Carbons Three and Four Color Printing Pasted Pockets V-Tab Stapled Keen Edge Perforations, etc. E. AUTHOR'S ALTERATIONS: 10 calendar days may be added to shipment time for Author's Alterations. F. PREMIUM SHIPMENTS: If requested by the customers, premium modes of shipment can be made. Documented copies of premium freight tickets must be attached to vendor'S invoice. Premium modes of shipment should be agreed upon as firm or an estimate prior to release of the non-automated purchase order and added as a line item. Premium costs should be added as separate line item on each invoice. G. INSIDE DELIVERY: Flat Rate: $97.50 Customers may request "inside" or "room" delivery and this information must be added to the purchase order. The charge for this service will be added to the invoice as a separate item. If the vendor splits a delivery, the flat rate charge shall be applied only once. Inside delivery charges should apply to total number of items shipped. The customer may require proof of delivery for inside delivery charges. All items must be shipped in individual cartons. H. PALLETS: All pallets used in the delivery of goods shall be of sturdy construction and in adequate condition to assure delivery of the goods without damage or without creating safety hazards. Exchange pallets may be available, but CPA cannot guarantee the availability of exchange pallets. Delivery drivers shall not remove more pallets from the Customer than are being delivered. 1.10 LARGE ORDER EXCEPTION: On any order of 40,000 lbs. or more of an item the State reserves the right to use open market procedures to purchase. An item is defined as one size form printed the same, except for copy changes of five lines or less. 1.11 PURCHASE ORDERS: Customers are requested to consolidate orders as much as possible. However, multiple orders for the same forms may be received from the same customer and each order may require a separate invoice. Orders must be placed through Tx Smart Buy online ordering system. 1.12 PURCHASE ORDER CANCELLATION: Customers may cancel an order without incurring any cancellation charges provided the customer informs the vendor within eight (8) calendar days from order date shown on the Purchase Order. Cancellation must be processed through a Purchase Order Change Notice (POCN). 1.13 UNDERRUNS AND OVERRUNS: Because of production methods common to the industry, custom printed continuous forms are subject to quantity variations either above or below number of forms ordered (listed below). Customers may specify "EXACT QUANTITY" on the purchase order which requires the vendor to only ship the exact number of forms specified. Underrun and Overrun quantities limited to: Up to 75,000 Each - 10% 76,000 - 300,000 Each - 5% 301,000 Each and up - 2% Overruns in excess of these percentages will be considered a no-charge to the customers and the total forms cost will be adjusted to the allowable overage based upon the original net cost per 1,000 forms. The customer may elect to consider the under run or overrun shipment as complete as determined to be in their best interest. A Purchase Order Change Notice should be processed through TxSmartBuy at final decision for matching order; receipt and invoice. SECTION 2 - CONTRACT SCOPE 2.1 Links to the specifications and price schedule: DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS PRICE SCHEDULE 2.2 FORMS: A. SIZES: These forms must be of the exact depth and within the allowable widths indicated in Detailed Specifications. B. PARTS: Forms may contain up to eight (8) parts, be interleaved or not, wholly or in part with carbon leaves. While not generally recommended, the customers may accept the responsibility for specifying the introduction of regular carbon leaves into carbonless paper forms. C. PRINTING: Forms may be with or without printing or some parts blank. D. COLORS: Up to four (4) colors. E. SNAP-OUT FORMS: Snap-out forms are permitted under this contract with the following provisions: 1. A minimum of 1/2" is to be added to the length of the snap-out form for the tab. 2. The length of the snap-out form must correspond to width in the special papers and carbons section of the basic pricing schedule. 3. Only exact depth snap-out forms are allowed within the scope of this contract. F. FORMS THAT ARE NOT WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THIS CONTRACT CANNOT BE ORDERED UTILIZING THIS CONTRACT: It will be the responsibility of the vendor to advise the customers when a proposed custom form cannot be priced from the pricing schedules contained in this contract. In the event the vendor fails to advise the customers that the form is not within the scope of this contract and forms are produced, any production will be considered no charge to the customers. 2.3 QUALITY: 1. Forms produced under this contract must be first-class workmanship and materials suitable for their intended use. 2. Ink coverage must be full and uniform, free from streaking, pinpoints, or other imperfections. 3. All operations and materials such as printing, collating, punching, perforating, registration, joining, splicing, paper and carbon leaves shall be such as will ensure satisfactory continuous operation over makes and kinds of equipment specified. Minimum Shelf Life of forms: Six (6) Months 2.4 PAPER & CARBONS: Paper furnished shall be suitable for the use specified by the customer. A. Bond: Paper must be suitably sized for writing on with ink without feathering. B. Colors: The customers may specify the following contractual colors of paper: yellow, pink, goldenrod, green, buff, and blue. Except as noted, colors are available on the following contractual papers: 9-10 lb. (no buff) 12-15 lb. 20 lb. (buff only) 13-15 lb. CF & CB carbonless 14-17 lb. CFB carbonless. C. Carbonless Papers: The carbonless papers required to produce forms for this contract are: 1. CF: Yellow, pink and goldenrod 2. CB: No colors, white only 3. CFB: Pink and yellow D. Contractual Premium Papers: Reference Section 2.2, PRICE SCHEDULE E. Carbon Leaves: Base carbons are black, single faced, narrow, unpunched and in a weight common to the industry which will ensure legible copies on all parts. 2.5 RECYCLED CONTENT CRITERIA: The minimum brightness for paper will be 80 unless otherwise stated. They are to be in accordance with the most current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines unless explicitly exempted in whole or in part by specific product specification as to percent of post-consumer and recovered materials and/or waste paper. EPA has specifically excluded "mill broken" from the definition of "recovered material". The website for the EPA is: EPA 2.6 PREFERENCE FOR RECYCLED, REMANUFACTURED, OR ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE PRODUCTS: The Texas Government Code, Title 10, Chapter 2155.445 states: (a) "Commission and state agencies shall give preference to recycled, manufactured, or environmentally sensitive products, as those terms are defined by rule of the Commission, in purchases made under this subtitle if the product meets state specifications regarding quantity and quality." 2.7 CONTRACTUAL BASE SPECIFICATIONS AND SPECIALTY FEATURES: A. Base or Standard specifications: Listed at the bottom of each Basic Depth pricing schedule page in Section 2.2, PRICE SCHEDULE B. Specialty Features (other than base features): Refer to Section 2.1, Detailed Specifications. All listed features that are not indicated as "optional" are CONTRACTUAL ITEMS AND MUST BE SUPPLIED BY THE VENDOR when such features are specified by the customers. C. Special Bindery Work: Wrap-around covers and other special bindery work may be added as a separate item on a net charge basis as per customer request. 2.8 PROOFS: A. First three (3) sets of proofs for each form will be provided by the vendor at the request of customer and at no cost. A "set" means one proof sheet for each part of the form. If all parts of a form have the same copy except for marginal changes, only one proof sheet will be provided with marginal change positions indicated. Additional regular proofs or positive overlays can be provided at additional charge to the customers. CHARGE FOR ADDITIONAL SETS EXCEEDING THREE (3): $20.00 per additional set B. Original copy shall accompany proofs and such copy must be returned to the vendor with the signed and dated proof. C. If changes are necessary to the original proof because of vendor error, a second and corrected proof will be provided at no charge. 2.9 FILM POSITIVE OVERLAY: Because of conditional changes in proofing paper, machine spacing illustrated on a proof may exceed the industry standard of +/- (plus or minus) 1/32". If the customer elects to forego the vendor's guarantee that machine spacing on the finished product will be, within tolerances, the same as specified on the spacing chart or layout copy, then they may order a film positive overlay which will illustrate the exact spacing to be used in forms production. The charges will be added as a separate net charge item on the vendor's invoice. 2.10 AUTHOR'S ALTERATIONS: A. When Proofs Were Requested With the Original Order: 1. Additional Author's alterations or proof changes beyond the initial three (3) alterations or proof changes will be subject to a net charge of $20.00 per alteration or proof change for the following changes: a. Minor change: one rectangular area not exceeding 1" in depth, parallel to base printing (copy). b. Greater changes: subject to a net change of 55% of a Major change charge, which applies to face or base copy when a part-to-part composition change exceeds a minor change, applicable to the size of form ordered. 2. Charges for proof changes will not be accepted unless the vendor's invoice is supported by all proofs for illustration of author's alterations. B. When Proofs Were "Not" Requested With the Original Order: 1. The customers may request copy changes without charge on orders already entered if the vendor is notified of such changes within eight (8) calendar days from date of order or customer's confirmation date. 2. Copy changes received after that period will be subject to minor or major change charges. The customers shall be responsible for verifi- cation of requested changes. 2.11 FEATURE CHANGES: After the order is placed, the customers may request construction and/or feature changes. Prior to press running, such changes can be made with applicable charges from Section 2.2, PRICE SCHEDULE Some changes may affect delivery schedules. 2.12 DUMMY SETS: At no additional cost the customer may request submission of dummy sets to test paper and carbon. Approximately five (5) sets of the proposed paper and carbon in filling the order will be submitted and each set will be assembled and interleaved with carbon leaves as specified. The dummies shall be furnished in a marginally punched continuous carbon dummy test pocket of the vendor's own design, suitable for use on the machines specified. Dummies will be tested for compliance with specifica- tions and actual usage tests will be conducted to determine clarity, intensity and legibility of the carbon copies. The same tests may be applied to carbonless (chemical image) papers. 2.13 PACKAGING: A. Standard Packing: Forms shall be packed with not more than one break (no splicing except as noted in Section 2.1, DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS in any one shipping container. The one break must be near the middle of the strip. Forms must be packed in single trip fiberboard shipping containers of the type, size and kinds commonly used for this purpose, in a manner that will insure acceptance by common carrier and safe delivery at destination in condition satisfactory for operation and use. Top and bottom fiberboard pads shall be provided for each shipping container. B. Special Packaging: Shrink wrapping, string tying, and other special packaging may be added as a separate item to an order on a net charge basis as per customer's request. C. Oversized Cartons for Use with Non-Impact or High Speed Printers: If requested by the customers, it will be the vendor's option to furnish oversized cartons equal to those used by suppliers of stock non-impact printer forms. For this feature the minimum order quantity per basic depth form will be 100,000. EXAMPLE: The minimum order for 8-1/2" depth forms would be 200,000 that convert to 100,000 in the basic 17" depth. Apply Flat and Running charges as listed in Section 2.2, PRICE SCHEDULE. 2.14 LABELING: The customers may request large, 1" high numbers on the labels to identify form numbers, department numbers, etc, If available from the vendor. 2.15 INVOICES: Send invoices and all attachments directly to the customers for approval. For payment to be approved by the customers, the vendor's invoice must include the following attachments: Cost Worksheet: Listing all applicable charges with respective Part Numbers listed in Section 2.1, PRICE SCHEDULE The sample Cost Worksheet that will be provided by the vendor: COST WORKSHEET If invoices vary from the prices reflect the current contract discount percent, the customer will complete a Purchase Order Change Notice (POCN) through TxSmartBuy only upon receiving notification from CPA/TPASS of the price increase. Vendor shall provide the Purchase Order and/or Requisitiom Numbers on all Invoices and Packing Slips, and on all cartons, packages and bundles. 2.16 VENDOR PERFORMANCE: The Vendor Relations Program is designed to enhance the relationship between the vendor community, state agencies and cooperative members. The program will formulate an equitable means to evaluate the performance of vendors registered to do business with the state of Texas. This will be done through input submitted by agencies and cooperative members on vendor past performance. Contractor performance information is located on the CPA web site at: Vendor Performance Tracking System 2.17 VENDOR INFORMATION: Miami Systems Corporation Plants: 1. MSC-GCS Location: 1286 Harbor Rd, Green Cove Springs, FL 2. MSC-Tempe Location: 525 W. Alameda Dr, Tempe, AZ 3. MSC-NSVL Location: 2322 Clifton Ave, Nashville, TN NOTE: It is a requirement of the contract that all manufacturing be done within the plant(s) listed above. Customer Service representatives are available to assist Customers statewide in the creation, design and/or modification of custom forms. There will be no additional charge for this service. When such service is requested by a customer in the State, the vendor's representative will be available within two (2) business days from time of request. NON-AUTOMATED TERM CONTRACT DETAILS: --------------------------------------- NIGP ITEM NO AND DISCOUNT 966-16-3001 Custom Continuous/Tractor Fed Forms - Less 51.9% To include any forms used as continuous/tractor fed (i.e. checks, etc.) 966-85-3001 Snap-Out Form Printing - Less 51.9% CONTACT INFORMATION PROVIDED BY ZONES/AREAS OF TEXAS REFER TO THE ZONE MAP AT THE FOLLOWING LINK TO DETERMINE POINT OF CONTACT TEXAS ZONE MAP --------------------------------- #1-04-339-0816-6 48408 Staples Print Solutions 19302 Paradise Summit Tomball, TX 77377 Zone 1 and Zone 5 - Point-of-Contact: Joe Scardino PH: 877-269-0081 FAX: 866-281-8597 E-Mail: Zone 2 -Point of Contact: Louis Vaccaro PH: 480-303-5000 E-Mail: ZONES 3 and 4 - Point of Contact: Chad Mahlenkamp PH: 877-257-2919 E-Mail:

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