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NOTE: The products listed are for use by eligible State of Texas entities ONLY and are not for personal purchase or purchase by commercial entities.

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Contract Terms and Instructions


Start Date: 10/2004

End Date: 12/2099

Section 1

1.1   DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT:  928-A2  Bus Renovation Services

1.2   TYPE:  Automated Firm Price.

1.3   TERM OF CONTRACT:  October 1, 2004 through December 31, 2099

1.4   DELIVERY:  See Section 3.1 below.

1.5   MINIMUM ORDER:  $500.00.


1.7   ZONE:  This is a statewide contract.

1.8   SHIPPING INFORMATION:  F.O.B. point of origin. See Section 3.1 below.

1.9   WARRANTY:  Manufacturer's standard warranty applies.

1.10  CASH DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.

1.11  EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.

1.12  QUANTITY OR LARGE ORDER DISCOUNT:  Call vendor for written quotes on large

1.13  PRICE CHANGES:  Prices may be increased as required by vendor with CPA's
      approval.  Price decreases may be accepted at any time.

1.14  RECYCLED PRODUCTS:  Efforts have been made to identify any product meeting
      the criteria for definitions of recycled.  If you have questions regarding
      recycled products, please contact the Recycling Coordinator at (512)

1.15  FUNDING OUT:  Any blanket purchase order (an order calling for multiple
      deliveries over a specified period of time) is contingent upon the
      continued availability of appropriations.

1.16  POINT OF CONTACT:  Vendor contacts are listed at the end of the contract.

1.17  HUB VENDORS:  HUB vendors are identified in the Contract Vendor List as

1.18  INTERPRETATION:  Questions concerning terms and conditions and technical
      specifications should be directed to:

      Angie Carter, CTP, CTPM, CTCM
      Purchaser H
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
      (512) 475-0677
      FAX (512) 475-0851

1.19  PURCHASE ORDERS:  Only contract purchase orders issued by the Texas
      Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) or orders issued through a CPA
      contract is eligible for contract pricing.

Section 2 - Specific Contract Instructions

2.1   PARTICIPANTS:  Only state agencies and the Cooperative Purchasing Program
      Member entities are authorized to use this contract.

2.2   GENERAL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The Texas Department of Corrections offers
      a complete body, paint and limited mechanical service.

2.3   CERTIFICATION: The Texas Department of Corrections certifies that parts
      will meet Texas Specifications when applicable.


      Paint- Exterior and Interior for one year.

2.5   The Department of Corrections will not be responsible for any service not
      performed by the Facility.

Section 3  Instructions for Ordering Entities

3.1   It will be the responsibility of each school or eligible agency to arrange
      pick-up and delivery of their vehicle to the Facility:

      Texas Correctional Industries
      School Bus Repair
      Ellis I Unit
      FM 980
      Huntsville, Texas 77343
      (936) 295-5756

3.2   Remove any first aid kits, flares, fire extinguishers or tools from the

3.3   Have written instructions as to the service you wish performed on each

3.4   At the time of pick-up, the plant supervisor and agency representative
      will make visual inspection of each vehicle. Any noted discrepancies will
      be corrected prior to the vehicle leaving the T.D.C. facility.

3.5   Services not listed on this contract must be computed on an individual
      basis. Any telephone price quotation will be followed by confirmation
      letter. If any adjustment to original price quotation is required when
      vehicle(s) are received at facility, TCI will notify ordering entity by
      telephone and subsequent confirmation letter. To accept quote, sign quote
      letter and fax to (936) 295-6718.

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