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Contract Terms and Instructions


Start Date: 12/2002

End Date: 12/2099

Section 1

1.1   DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT:  928-A1  Tire Recapping Services

1.2   TYPE:  Automated Firm Price.

1.3   TERM OF CONTRACT:  December 3, 2002 through December 31, 2099

1.4   DELIVERY:  30 days after receipt of order (ARO).

1.5   MINIMUM ORDER:  $50.00.


1.7   ZONE:  This is a statewide contract.

1.8   SHIPPING INFORMATION: PLUS FREIGHT. Contact Vendor for freight amount.


1.10  CPA CONTACT: Questions concerning terms and conditions should be directed

      Dee Dorsey, CTPM
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
      (512) 475-2459
      FAX (512) 475-0851

1.11  PURCHASE ORDERS:  Only contract purchase orders issued through the Texas
      Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) on-line ordering system are eligible
      for contract pricing.

Section 2

2.1   GENERAL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  In addition to the individual commodity
      specifications listed opposite each commodity heading and code number, all
      commodities shall be of good and merchantable quality and shall meet
      specification minimums established by the National Highway Traffic Safety
      Administration through the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
      for re-tread tires, FMVSS 117. Minimum tread depth of tires bid shall be
      based upon general tread design categories as stipulated in Section 2.2,
      Minimum Tread Depth.

2.2   MINIMUM TREAD DEPTH:  The following table establishes the minimum tread
      depth per tread design/tire category.

      Tire Category          Tread Design*	           Min. Tread Depth
      Passenger              Regular Highway/AllSeason     9/32 inches
      Passenger              All Terrain/Mud & Snow        12/32 inches
      Light Truck            Regular Highway               14/32 inches
      Light TrucK            All Terrain                   16/32 inches
      Medium Truck           Regular Highway	           16/32 inches
      Medium TrucK           All Terrain/Mud & Snow        18/32 inches
      Medium TrucK           Trailer                       12/32 inches
      Medium/Heavy Truck/Bus Drive Axle                    12/32 inches

     *Tread design categories shall have the same meaning as that found in Federal
      Specification ZZ-T-381Q, dated August 1, 1989.

2.3   RUBBER MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS:  Tread rubber used in the process of  re-
      treading and re-manufacturing tires which are offered under this contract
      shall meet the following minimum specifications:

      A.  For passenger and light and medium truck re-treads:

      					Min.	   Max.    Typical
      	  Tensile Strength (PSI)	2250	   ---	   -------
      	  Elongation (%)	  	430	   600	      500
      	  Modules at 300%		1200	  1700	     1500
      	  Hardness	     		61	    70	       65
      	  Specific Gravity        	1.105    1.145       1.13
      	  RHC by Weight 45%             ---        50%        ---
      	  PBD Content                   ---        40%        35%
      	  Acetone Extract               ---        22%        ---
      	  Carbon Black                  N339 or Better

          Unless otherwise specified, commercial grade type truck tires shall be
          processed using materials containing antioxidants of a quality to provide
          standard commercial resistance to weathering.

2.4   CASING TRADE-IN:  Upon mutual agreement between the vendor and contract user,
      the vendor shall accept from contract users all old casings as trade-in's on
      an equal quantity basis as the number of re-tread tires ordered, with credit
      being given to the user for casings that are undamaged and suitable for re-
      treading.  The amount of credit granted on the vendor's invoice shall be no
      less than that offered other customers of the vendor although the amount may
      be greater.

2.5   CERTIFICATION:  Vendor shall supply products from sources that have current
      certification under the U. S. General Services Administration, Automotive
      Commodity Center's Federal Tire Program, Quality Assurance Facility Inspection
      Program (QAFIP).  Such certification shall have been issued within the last
      12 months of any portion of the year and shall be maintained in effect during
      the entire contract period.  Subsequent certifications shall be submitted as

2.6   WARRANTIES:  All tires offered under the terms of this contract shall carry a
      warranty similar to that offered for a new tire with the minimum adjustment
      scales as follows:

      A.  Tires failing at and before 25% of the original tread is worn shall be
          refunded at full re-tread tire cost.
      B.  Tires failing beyond 25% shall be adjusted on a prorated basis calculated
          on the remaining tread down to 2/32" at which point no adjustment is due.

      A copy of each warranty offered shall be submitted and clearly marked as to
      which product the warranty applies.

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