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Start Date: 02/2009

End Date: 05/2014

Section 1

1.1   DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT:  780-A1 Scales and Weighing Apparatus

1.2   TYPE:  Automated Discount-From-List.

1.3   TERM OF CONTRACT: February 3, 2009 thru August 31, 2010
      Renewal Term: September 1, 2010 thru August 31, 2011
      Renewal Term: September 1, 2011 thru August 31, 2012
      Renewal Term: September 1, 2012 thru August 31, 2013
Extension Term: September 1, 2013 thru May 31, 2014 1.4 DELIVERY: 30 days after receipt of order (ARO) or as specified. 1.5 ZONE: This is a statewide contract. 1.6 SHIPPING INFORMATION: F.O.B. Destination, freight prepaid and allowed. 1.7 WARRANTY: Manufacturer's standard warranty. 1.8 VENDOR CONTACT INFORMATION can be found at the end of the contract. 1.9 CPA CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Questions regarding contract management issues, price changes,amendments or other post-award concerns should be directed to: TPASS Contract Management Office (TCMO) Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) Fax: (512) 936-0040 E-mail: 1.10 PURCHASE ORDERS: Orders must be entered through the TxSmartBuy system.

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