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Contract Terms and Instructions


Start Date: 12/2001

End Date: 11/2099

Section 1:

1.1   DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT:  520-A2  Leather Products and Accessories.

1.2   TYPE:  Automated firm price with escalation.

1.3   TERM OF CONTRACT:  December 1, 2001 thru November 30, 2099.

1.4   DELIVERY:  30 days after receipt of order (ARO).

1.5   MINIMUM ORDER:  None.


1.7   ZONE:  This is a statewide contract.

1.8   SHIPPING INFORMATION:  F.O.B. Destination, freight prepaid and allowed on
      orders totaling $100.00 or more shipped to a single destination; Orders
      less than $100.00 shipped freight prepaid and added as a separate item on
      invoice.  Qualified ordering entities must not be charged freight for
      partial shipments of any order with a net total of $100.00.

1.9   WARRANTY:  Manufacturer's Standard.

1.10  CASH DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.

1.11  EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.


1.13  PRICE CHANGES:  Prices may be increased/decreased as required by the vendor.

1.14  RECYCLED PRODUCTS:  Efforts have been made to identify any product meeting
      the criteria definitionS of recycled.  If you have questions regarding
      recycled products, please contact the Recycling Coordinator at
      (512) 463-3034.

1.15  FUNDING OUT:  Any blanket purchase order (an order calling for multiple
      deliveries over a specified period of time) is contingent upon the
      continued availability of appropriations.

1.16  POINT OF CONTACT:  Vendor contact is listed at the end of the contract.

1.17  INTERPRETATION:  Questions concerning terms and conditions and technical
      specifications should be directed to:

      Dee Dorsey, CTPM
      Purchaser D
      Supervisor of Purchasing Operations
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
      (512) 475-2459
      FAX (512) 475-0851

1.19  PURCHASE ORDERS:  Only contract purchase orders issued by the Texas
      Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) or orders issued through a CPA
      contract are eligible for contract pricing.

1.20  COMMODITY CODE CONVERSION:  In order to facilitate with the CPAs conversion
      to the NIGP commodity codes, the commodity code numbers for items on this
      contract may change at some point during the term of the contract.  The
      specification, price, and other terms of the contract will remain the same.

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