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05/2010 THRU 12/2099

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In accordance with the Federal Property and Administrative Service Act of
1949, as amended, (40 U.S.C. 481), Economy Act, (31 U.S.C.686), the
Agriculture Organic Act of 1944, (U.S.C. 580a), and Cooperative Forestry
Assistance Act of 1978, (16 U.S.C. 2101), GSA Wildland Fire Program furnishes
fire protection equipment and supplies federal agencies as well as to U.S.
Forest Service cooperating agencies through formal agreements with the U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and the U.S. Department of the
Interior, Bureau of Land Management.  In accordance with Texas Government
Code 2155.084, the Comptroller of Public Accounts - Texas Procurement and
Support Services Divisions authorizes the utilization of this for all State
Agencies and Cooperative members to utilize as a best value procurement method.

Working closely with the USDA's Forest Service, GSA offers a wide range of
firefighting products to state and local agencies.  GSA currently stocks more
than 50 items managed under the fire program.  These items include: Water
handling equipment and supplies, Fire line tools, Fire shelters, Protective
clothing, Canteens, Field packs, Sleeping bags, Batteries, Chainsaw chaps,
First aid kits, Goggles and safety glasses, and Gloves.  The majority of
these items are covered byery rigid Forest Service specifications.  State and
local organizations wishing to purchase wildland fire supplies from GSA must
first enter into a cooperative agreement, thereby obtaining "sponsorship,"
from their state.  It is the decision of the State Forester and ultimately
the Forest Service to grant sponsorship to a requesting organization.  The
cooperative agreement must be approved prior to assignment of an Activity
Address Code (AAC).  Once the AAC is requested by the Forest Service and
assigned by GSA, the state or local customer is authorized to buy directly
from GSA.

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