NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 962

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  03   Actor/Thespian Services
  04   Air Freshener Services
  05   Amusement and Entertainment Services (Incl. Performing Arts
  06   Animal Care, Animal Health, Animal Shelter, Animal Production
       (Breeding), Animal Training Services, etc. (Including Pet Services,
       All Types)
  07   Arts Services (Cultural, Design, Visual, etc.)
  08   Athletic Training
  09   Auctioneering Services (To include Internet Type)
  10   Animal Trapping Services
  11   Ballastic Testing
  13   Hospitality Services (Incl. Wine and Cheese Events)
  14   Blue Printing Services: Blue Prints, Blue Line, Large Engineering
  15   Bomb and Other Explosives Detection Services
  16   Bus Transportation Services, School
  17   Bus and Taxi Services, Limousines and Vans (Including Operations,
       Management, and Terminal Services)
  18*  Cable Construction, Installation and Maintenance (Fiber Optic,
       Communication, Computer, etc.)
  19   Cafeteria and Restaurant Services
  20   Cesspool Cleaning and Maintenance
  21   Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
  22   Chemical Laboratory Services
  23   Chemical Treatment of Boiler and Tower Water
  24   Courier/Delivery Services (Including Air Courier Services)
  25   Disposal and Removal, Dead Animals
  26   Diving Services
  27   Document Shredding Services
  28   Dump Site Services (Resource Recovery)
  29   Distribution and Collection of Waste Food for Animals
  30   Export/Import Services
  31   Electrostatic Painting
  32   Etching and Stained Glass Services
  33   Engraving Services; Awards, Trophies, Etc. (See 966-28 for Printing
  34   Event Planning Services
  35   Framing Services, Picture
  36   Fireworks Display and Carnival Services
  37   Flagpole Services
  38   Galvanizing, Hot and Cold Dip; Plating
  39   Hauling Services
  40   Food Distribution Services
  41   Heat Treating and Tracing Services (Including Refractory Dryout)
  42   Heating and Related Services, Induction
  43   Hose Testing Services (Fire, Water, etc.)
  44   Hat Renovation/Reblocking Services (Incl. Hat Cleaning Service)
  45   Industrial Services Not Otherwise Classified (Electroplating, etc.)
  46   Installation and Removal Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
  47   Hoisting and Lifting Services
  48   Interior Design/Decorator Services
  49   Leather Tanning and Finishing Services
  50   Leak Detection Services: Gas, Water, Chemical
  51   Laminating Services
  52   Mapping Services (Including Cartography and Surveying Services, Not
       Aerial)(See 920-33 for Digitized Mapping Services) and 905-10 for
       AerialMapping and Survey Services)
  53   Marking and Stenciling Services
  54   Mattress and Bedspring Renovation and Repair
  55   Metal Coating Services: Thermal Spray and H.V.O.F. (High Velocity
  56   Moving Services
  57   Moving: House, Portable Building, etc.
  58   Professional Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
  59   Processing Services, Food (Not Otherwise Classified in Classes 961
       or 962)
  60   Party, Holiday, and Event Decorating Services
  61   Petroleum Production, Transmission, and Distribution Services for
       Oil and Gas Wells  (Including Drilling, Exploration, Extraction,
       ProjectManagement, etc.)
  62   Pneumatic Tube, Maintenance and Repair
  63   Piano Tuning Services
  64   Packaging and Wrapping Services (Incl. Shrink Wrapping)
  65   Protection Services (Not Including Buildings)
  66   Petroleum Refining Services
  67   Purification Services for Contaminated Petroleum Products
  68   Removal of Wood, Wood Chips, Bark, etc.
  69*  Personnel Services, Temporary
  70   Removal and Pickup of Dead Bodies
  71   Religious Services
  72   Restoration/Preservation Services (Of Antiques, Costumes, Paintings,
        and Other Objects)
  73   Restoration/Reclamation Services of Land and Other Properties
  74   Ribbons, Re-Inking
  75   Seafood Processing Services
  76   Seating and Meeting Services, Public
  77   Screenings and Grit Removal Services
  78   Sewing, Embroidery, Embossing, and Alteration Services
  79   Sign Making Services
  80   Shoe and Boot Repairs (Including Maintenance and Shining)
  81   Steeplejack Services
  82   Silver Recovery Services
  83   Stack Work Services
  84   Tire Shredding Services
  85   Tinting And Coating Services, Glass (Automobile and Building)
  86   Transportation of Goods and Other Freight Services
  87   Travel, Local (Provided by Third Party)
  88   Travel, Non-Local (Scheduled and Unscheduled), Provided by Third
       Party (Incl. Commercial Airplane Travel and Helicopter Services)
  89   Vehicle Transporting Services
  90   Upholstering Services (See Class 928 for Vehicle)
  91   Utility Locator Service (Underground)
  92   Video Scanning of Sewers, Waterwells, etc.
  93   Vehicle Registration Services
  94   Water Services, Bottled and Bulk Delivery (Tanker Services)
  95   Warehousing and Storage Services (Not Storage Space Rental)
       (Includes Farm Product Storage in Silos and Grain Elevators)
  96   Well Services (Including Oil, Gas, and Water): Drilling, Plugging,
       Consulting, Maintenance, Repair, etc.
  97   Weighing and Loading Services

     * - This item may contain an Automated Information
         Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.