NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

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                                  CLASS: 952
                                HUMAN SERVICES

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  05   Alcohol and Drug Detoxification (Incl. Rehabilitation)
  06   Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  07   Alcohol and Drug Testing Services
  08   Assisted Living Services
  09   Autopsy and Other Coroner Type Services
  10   Barber/Beautician Services
  11   Babysitting or Nanny Services
  12   Bioethical Services
  13   Big Brother, Big Sister, and Similar Type Program Services
  14   Cemetery Services (Including Operation, Management, and Maintenance)
  15   Case Management
  16   Chaplain/Minister Services
  17   Child Abuse: Identification, Treatment, and Prevention (Including
       Sexual Abuse)
  18   Child Care Services (Incl. the Food Program)
  19   Community Garden Program
  20   Correctional
  21   Counseling
  22   Community Service Campaigns (Anti-Litter Programs, etc.)
  23   Court Intervention Services
  24   Cultural Administration and Promotion Services
  25   Day Care (Preschool)
  26   Day Care (Adult)
  28   Day Care Training Consortium
  29   Dating and Escort Services
  30   Delivered Meals (Including Shelf Stable Meals and Congregate Meals)
  31   Discrimination Investigation
  32   Domicile
  35   Elder Abuse Prevention Services
  36   Emergency Food
  37   Emergency Shelter
  38   Employee Assistance Programs (Including Unemployment Compensation
       Administration Services)
  39   Employment Generating Activities
  40   Elderly Assistance Services
  41   Face and Body Beauty Treatment Services
  42   Family Planning
  43   Family and Social Services (Including Shopping and Buying Services)
  44   Fire Fighting and Prevention Services  (For Buildings, Homes, etc.;
        See 990-43 for Oil and Gas Well Fires)
  45   Food Stamps/Coupons
  47   Foster Home and Adoption Services
  48   Genetic Parentage Testing Services (DNA)
  49   Halfway Housing
  51   Head Start Program
  53   Home Management
  54   Homemaker
  55   Homelessness Prevention Services
  56   Housekeeping Services
  57   Human Population Census Services
  58   Human Resources Development Services
  59   Human Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
  60   Job Search Workshop
  61   Law Enforcement - Community Relations Services (Incl. Victim
       Notification Services)
  62   Mental Health Services: Vocational, Residential, Etc.
  64   Mortuary and Funeral (Including Crematory Services)
  65   Musical Awareness Services
  67   Parenting Intervention
  68   Personal Care Services
  71   Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention
  72   Reading Services for the Blind
  74   Referral Services
  75   Refugee Assistance
  76   Respite Care
  77   Research and Evaluation, Human Services (Including Productivity
  78   Safe Housing
  80   Senior Aides Program
  81   Slum Redevelopment Services
  83   Summer Youth Program
  84   Supplemental Food Services
  85   Support Services
  88   Teenage Pregnancy Services
  90   Training and Instruction (For Clients, Not Staff)
  91   Transitional Domicile
  92   Transitional Living
  93   Try-out Employment
  94   Transportation Services For the Elderly, Handicapped, Incapacitated,
        Prisoners, Juries, etc.
  95   Youth Care Services
  96   Urban and Regional Development Services