NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 924

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  05   Advisory Services, Educational
  16   Course Development Services, Instructional/Training
  18   Educational Services, Alternative
  19   Educational Research Services
  20   Examination and Testing
  25   For Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
  35   In-Service Training (For Employees)
  40*  Instructor-led, Classroom Training (Technical)
  41   Instructor-led, Classroom Training (Non-Technical)
  42   Instructors, Classes for the Public
  60   Not-For-Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
  64   Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services
  71   School Operation and Management Services
  74   Special Education
  76   Student Activities Services
  77   Teacher Certification Services
  78   Teaching and Instruction Services  (Including Elementary and
       Secondary Education, Higher Education and Adult Education)
  80   Tutoring
  86   Vocational Training, All Types  (Including Vocational
       Rehabilitation and Technical Education)

     * - This item may contain an Automated Information
         Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.