NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 910

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  01   Acoustical Ceilings and Walls: Cleaning, Installation, Restoration,
       Maintenance and Repair (Including Panel Wall Systems)
  02   Background Music Maintenance and Repair Services
  03   Building Cleaning, Exterior
  04   Air Duct Cleaning Services
  05   Building and House Leveling Services
  06   Carpentry Maintenance and Repair Services
  07   Chute Installation Services
  08   Concrete Raising and Undersealing Services
  09   Carpet Cleaning, Dyeing, Installation and Repair
  10   Chimney Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  11   Drapery and Curtain Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  12   Drapery and Curtain Fabrication Services
  13   Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  14   Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Metal)
  15   Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
  16   Energy Conservation Services (Including Audits)
  17   Energy Computerized Control System (HVAC, Lighting, Utilities, etc)
       Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services
  20   Escalator and Moving Walkway, Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  22   Fireproofing Services, Spray-On Type
  23   Firestop Systems (Includes Installation and Fireproofing)
  24   Fire and/or Water Damage Restoration Services
  25   Flooring Maintenance and Repair to Include Refinishing and Sealing
  26   Furnace Maintenance and Repair
  27   Garbage/Trash Removal, Disposal and/or Treatment
  30   Glass Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair
  36   Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Maintenance and Repair
       Services (Including Installation)
  37   Incinerator Repair and Maintenance
  38   Insulation and Asbestos Installation, Maintenance, Repair and
       Removal Services (Includes Inspection, Monitoring, and Spray-On
  39   Janitorial/Custodial Services
  42   Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Repair (Not Plumbing): Bathtubs, Sinks,
        Cabinets, Counter Tops, etc.
  45   Lathing and Plastering Maintenance and Repair Services
  46   Lead Poisoning Control and Reduction
  47   Lead Abatement Services
  48   Locksmith Services
  49   Loading Dock and Associated Accessories Maintenance and Repair
  51   Masonry, Concrete, and Stucco Maintenance, Finishing,  and Repair
       (Includes Inside Concrete Sawing and Grouting Work)
  52   Maintenance and Repair Services, Building (Not Otherwise Classified)
  53   Metal Work Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Metal Refinishing Services)
  54   Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services (Including Caulking)
  55   Overhead Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  56   Panel Wall Systems Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  59   Pest Control (Incl. Termite Inspection and Control, Bird Proofing,
       Animal Trapping, Rodent Control, Exterminating and Fumigation)
  60   Plumbing Maintenance and Repair (Includes Pressure Tapping Services,
        Pipe Freezes, Toilets, etc.)
  61   Plant Maintenance, Indoor
  62   Protection of Building From Weather or Vandalism
  63   Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair
  64   Relocation, Building
  65   Remodeling and Alterations
  66   Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair
  67   Security Lock-Bar Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  68   Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair Services (Includes
       Absorption/Leach Field Construction)
  69   Shelters, Carports, Portable Buildings, etc. Maintenance and Repair
  70   Sludge Removal, Building (To Include Grease Trap Cleaning)
  71   Shoring and Reinforcement Services
  72   Tinting Services, Window
  73   Tile and Stone (Includes Granite, Marble, and Terrazzo),
       Restoration, Refurbishing, Maintenance and Repair
  74   Wallpapering Services, Includes Maintenance and Repair
  75   Wall and Ceiling Repair and Replacement (Including Drywalling)
  76   Welding Maintenance and Repair Services (Incl. Brazing, Casting,
       and Soldering)
  77   Water Purification/Softening Services
  78   Weather and Waterproofing Maintenance and Repair Services
  79   Window Installation, Maintenance and Repair (Metal)
  80   Window Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
  81   Window Washing Services
  82   Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services
  83   Sandblasting Buildings (See 968-67 for All Other Types)
  84   Shutter Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  85   Skylight Installation Services
  86   Siding Installation and Repair Services