NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 838

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  23*  Batteries, Communication (Radio, Telephone, etc)
  26   Cabinets for Data, Frames, Runway, Cable Management, Raceway,
       Interduct (Telecom Closets)
  28*  Cable, Copper (Cat. 5E 6 etc) Including Interconnecting Components
       and Accessories (See Class 280 for Other Communications Cable)
  29*  Cable, Fiber Optic w/Interconnecting Components and Accessories
       (See Class 280 for Other Communications Cable
  32*  Communication Devices, Multi-Function (Blackberries, Palm Pilots,
       PDAs, etc)
  33*  Communications: Networking, Linking, Fiber Modems, Power Over
       Ethernet, Wireless
  34*  Communication Security Systems
  35*  Communication Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock,
       Intercom, etc.)
  39   Consoles and Racks, Security
  40*  Controllers, Remote, Wireless, Infrared/Radio Frequency
  45*  Emergency Radio/Telephone Systems (411, 911 etc. Dispatch)
  47*  Emulators, Telecommunication
  68*  Recycled Telecommunication Equipment and Accessories
  81*  Telecommunication Equipment (Via Satellite) for Emergency Vehicles
       (Including Radio Terminal Display)
  83*  Telecommunication (Internet Protocol) Network Monitoring,
       Surveillance, Intrusion Detection Systems and Networking Products
  85*  Telecommunication Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
  86*  Telecommunicators for the Hearing and Speech Impaired
  87*  Telemedical Equipment
  88*  Telemetry Equipment
  90   Tools and Supplies for Copper and Fiber Optic Wiring Systems
  91*  Translation Equipment
  96*  Wire and Cable, Telecommunication (Not Otherwise Specified)

     * - This item may contain an Automated Information
         Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.
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