NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 630

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  03   Additives and Miscellaneous Paint Ingredients: Driers, Fungicides,
       Latexes, Pigments, Surfactants, etc.
  05   Bleach, Wood
  06   Caulking Compounds, Bulk or Cartridge Type
  09   Coatings, Masonry (For Brick, Cinder Block, Concrete, etc.) (To
       Include Silicate Protective Coatings and Products)
  10   Coatings, Protective, Polyurethane, etc.
  12   Coatings, Protective, Asphalt Based (Also See Class 770-26)
  19   Coatings, Protective, Zinc-Rich (Cold Galvanizing Compound)
  21   Colors, Tinting (Oil, Mineral Silicate, or Universal Type) and
  22   Fillers and Sealers, Masonry: Block Fillers, Water Repellent
       Solutions, etc.
  23   Fillers and Sealers, Wallboard
  25   Fillers and Sealers, Metal
  26   Fillers and Sealers, Wood: Paste, Plastic Wood, Sanding Sealers,
  27   Fillers and Sealers, Fiberglass
  28   Fire-Retardant and Heat-Resistant Coatings (Not Aluminum Paint)
  33   Lacquer and Shellac, Clear and Colored
  42   Linseed Oil
  44   Mix, Paint Water
  45   Paint and Varnish Removers (Includes Painted Graffiti Removers)
       (See 485-16 for Other Types of Graffiti Removers)
  47   Paint, Aluminum (Not Roof Coating)
  49   Paint, Automotive and Machinery
  50   Paint, Deck and Floor
  55   Paint, Freezer and Wet Surface
  56   Paint, House and Trim
  57   Paint, Miscellaneous: Blockout, Bronzing Liquid, Environmentally
       Safe, Epoxy, Fluorescent, License Plate, Oil Paste, Reflective, Tint
       Base,Tree Pruning, USDA Approved, etc.
  59   Paint, Marine
  61   Paint, Masonry (To Include Silicate Paints)
  62   Paint, Rust Preventative
  63   Paint, Sports Court (Outdoor)
  64   Paint, Spray (Aerosol)
  65   Paint, Swimming Pool
  66   Paints, Traffic
  67   Paint Sticks, Annealing
  72   Primers, Rust Inhibiting: Red Oxide, Zinc Chromate, etc.
  75   Putty, Glazing (Metal and Wood Sash)
  76   Putty: Lacquer, Plumbers, Tape
  79   Recycled Paints, Lacquers, Shellacs, Varnish, Primers, Coatings,
       Sealers, etc.
  82   Sealers and Primers, Paint
  84   Stains and Varnishes
  88   Textured Coatings, All Kinds
  90   Thinners (Reducers): Alcohols, Aromatic Solvents, Esters, Ketones,
       Mineral Spirits, Turpentine, V M and P Naphtha, etc.
  93   Wall Coverings, Fabric and Plastic; and Accessories (Including
       Recycled Types)
  95   Wallpaper, Paste, and Canvas (Including Paper Hanger Tools and
       Recycled Types)
  97   Wood Preservative and/or Water-Repellent Finishes