NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

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                                  CLASS: 520

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  06   Beeswax
  08   Blankets, Bags, Cinches, and Pads (Saddle)
  10   Bottomfillers and Bottom Filler (For Cork See Class 010) Materials
       (For Shoe Manufacturing)
  12   Box Toes
  14   Cement, Adhesives, and Thinner (For Leather and Rubber)
  16   Hand Tools, Leather Working
  18   Harness Hardware
  20   Harness, Leather
  22   Heel and Toe Plates
  24   Heel Braces
  26   Heel Fillers, Grippers, Liners, Scaphoid Pads, etc.
  28   Heels, Leather and Wood
  29   Heels, Soles, and Strips, Polyethylene or Other Elastomer
  30   Heels, Soles, and Strips, Composition
  32   Heels, Soles, and Strips, Rubber
  33   Heels, Soles, and Strips, Leather
  34   Horse Collars and Reins, All Types
  36   Ink and Brushes, Leather Working
  38   Insoles and Counters, Shoe
  40   Leather, Belt
  42   Leather, Harness
  43   Leather Leggings and Chaps
  44   Leather, Shoe: Sole Bends, Split, and Upper
  45   Leather Tanning and Finishing Equipment and Supplies
  46   Leather Preparation, Repairing and Working Equipment
  47   Lining, Base (Used in Shoe Manufacturing)
  48   Lining, Shoe Tongue
  49   Measurement Devices, Foot
  50   Metal Eyelets (For Leather)
  52   Nails, Tacks, and Wire, Shoe
  54   Neat's-Foot Oil
  56   Needles and Awls, Shoe Machine
  58   Patching and Upper Shoe Machine
  59   Pellets, Shoe Sole
  60   Polishes and Conditioners: Leather, Shoe, Boot, etc. (Incl. Dyes)
  61   Recycled Leather Products
  62   Saddles and Accessories
  64   Saddle Trees
  66   Shanks, Shoe, Steel and Fiber
  68   Shoe Lasts: Iron, Wood, and Plastic
  70   Shoe Repair Supplies: Beading, Belting, Cleats, Elastic, Pads,
       Piping, etc.
  72   Shoe Shine Brushes and Cloths
  74   Shoe Shine Machines, Electric
  76   Shoelaces, All Types
  78   Skins, Skivers, and Pelts (For Shoe Manufacturing)
  80   Soap, Saddle
  81   Stretchers, Shoe/Boot
  82   Stirrups, Saddle
  83   Taps, Shoe
  84   Thread, Shoe Stitching
  86   Wax, Stitching
  88   Welting, Shoe
  90   Wheel Covers, Cloth (For Shoe Manufacturing See Class 005 for